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Flyer on blue background with a progress pride flag graphic. Text: Queers & Peers LGBTQ+ High Schoolers Peer Support Group meets Fridays on Zoom from 6:30-8pm. to register!

Queers & Peers: A Virtual Peer Support Group for LGBTQ+ High Schoolers in Connecticut

autumn equinox

Autumn Equinox 2023: Finding Balance

Back to School Anxiety

Moving Out Update!

Ben’s Year of Service With Positive Directions

Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

upload your content

Want to Upload Your Content?


Workshop: Navigating Mental Health Crises w/ Psychosis (9/20/23)


The Accountability Adults Need to Take: Reading Past a Façade

The BS of Labor Day: A Decolonized View

marsha p johnson

Marsha P. Johnson: The Queen/Legend

breath body mind workshop

Breath Body Mind Workshop

your story matters

Young People in Recovery, Your Story Matters

september themes

September Themes ’23


Redefining the Success and Crafting Healthy, Impactful Lasting Goals


International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

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107.7 FM

TurningPointCT is Airing On 107.7 FM

My Transgender Journey: Normalizing Gender/Sexual Fluidity in Society Through History

prioritizing self-care

Prioritizing Self-Care


Moths: Cultural Symbolism

August Themes

August Themes ’23

Moving Into A New Chapter

after domestic violence

After Domestic Violence: Relationships & Breaking Cycles


7 Ways to Overcome Caring About What Others Think

Moving Out On Your Own For The First Time


Life After Graduation

minority mental health

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month: The System

Men’s Health Month: The Connection Between Physical & Mental Health

renewed hobbies

Renewed Hobbies

acts of kindness

10 Simple Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

Reels: Advice & Music (2)

july theme

July Themes ’23


From Plate to Mind: How Sharing a Meal Can Boost Your Mental Health

Reels: Nature Photography & Matching Outfits (2)


Neurodiversity & Autistic Pride Day

The Power of Words: Why Mental Health Terminology Matters

Reels: Star Wars & The Finch App (3)


Unleashing Your Potential: How Focusing on Solutions, Not Problems, Transforms Your Communication

trans issues

Trans Issues: Birth Certificate Rant

June themes

June Themes ’23

inner critic

Overcome Your Inner Critic: The Ultimate Guide to Silencing Voices of Doubt and Unlocking Your Full Potential

A screenshot of a cartoon finch and a small corgi in a moon and stars themed room.

Mental Health, Goals, and an Adventurous Little Finch

research study

Free Research Study on Talk Therapy

spending time

The Power of Spending Time on What You Value & How

The Mask I Wear: PTSD and Autism


Sacrificing for a Happier Relationship: How to Make Sacrifices That Count

Domestic Violence

Recovering from Domestic Violence: The Journey

job opportunity

Job Opportunity at YAH

forgiving yourself

Forgiving Yourself: The Path of Letting Go

Reels: Appreciating Our Teachers (1)


Mental Health and Relationships: Balancing Love and Emotions

Star Wars & Mental Health Awareness! (2)

Meet our newest team member

Meet Our Newest Team Member!


Your Goal Refresher: Steps to Reach Goals and Increase Daily Action for May!

increase happiness

Unlocking the Secret to Increase Happiness: 5 Activities You Need to Try Today

Reels: Celebrations & Social Anxiety (2)

riding my bike

I’m Riding My Bike Across the Country


5 Tips to Eliminate Distractions and Increase Focus During The Creative Process

Second Batch of April 2023 Reels (3)


What Changing Seasons Can Teach You About Healing From Unseen Pain & Trauma

First Reels of April 2023 (2)

Redefining the Success and Crafting Healthy, Impactful Lasting Goals

Navigating Anxiety & Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts | Planting Vlog


Autism Awareness: A Guide for People, by an Autistic Person

Final Reels of March 2023 (1)


Defeat Procrastination: Design Your Own Personalized Creative Workflow 


3 Questions to Help Free Yourself From Work Related Stress and Burnout

self-harm alternatives

Self-Harm Alternatives


3 Exercises to Understand Your Joy

Reels: Week of March 12 (3)

Burnout & Depression

Fighting Burnout & Depression in College

Reels: Week of March 5th (2)

4 Steps to Freedom: Overcoming Feeling Trapped, Bad Habits & Intrusive Thoughts

Women's herstory month

Women’s Herstory Month: How to Celebrate

The Things We Crave: Addiction Recovery, Connection & Peace

The Help & Harm of New Diagnoses, and Navigating Changes


Accepting my Adoption


Navigating Happiness with Mental Health

Birth Support, Education & Beyond: Support for Pregnant and Parenting Young Adults

ct events

NAMI: Free Young Adult CT Events!


Random Acts of Kindness Day: How You Can Spread Kindness


It’s Okay To Be Single


A Love Letter to Those Who Think They Can’t Be Loved with Mental Health

peer support specialist

Now Hiring: Peer Support Specialist


CT Hearing Voices Network Support Groups

Teen Dating Violence Awareness

A Positivity Exercise!

body image

My Body Image Journey

Farewell Post: Doing It Scared

January: National Mentoring Month


Share Your Voice!

Now Hiring: Peer Support Specialist


Grieving my Uterus: Transgender Journey

Being More Productive

National Human Trafficking Prevention Month: What You Need to Know


A Full Pardon: From Convict to Coach


The Environmental Crisis and Mental Health

a plate of vegan spaghetti

National Spaghetti Day!

CEUs Continuing Education

CEUs (Free); Holistic Approach to Recovery

Yule post stars

Celebrating Yule with a Twist!

Feeling Grateful and Giving Back

My Personal Training Journey 2022


It’s You, Not the Place: Recovery


Take A Self-Assessment Of Your Choice

Alternatives to Suicide (Alt2Su) Support Group

Coping & self-caring

‘Tis the Season; Coping & Self-Caring


When Healthcare Providers Need Healthcare


Dog Mama x2

anxiety and shame

Social Anxiety and Shame During the Holiday

Life as a Game, Flash Poetry & More

National Pie Day

“Thanksgiving”: Learning Native Indigenous History

suicide self-harm quote

Survivor of Suicide: Ally’s Story


CT STAY STRONG for Young Adults

Transgender Awareness Week pic

It’s Transgender Awareness Week!

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): How it Effects Children

Receiving & Accepting New Diagnoses 

Voting sticker

Voting on November 8th, General Election

restorative justice

Restorative Justice: “fighting for a circle, not a courtroom”

Sometimes we grieve what we lost through the diagnosis...we grieve the life we never had because of the condition(s) that we had to walk through.

Learning How To Live Again


What Do We Do When We’re Sad?

I’m Autistic & Misdiagnosed with ADHD

Happy Halloween 2022

Hello From Maria!

New Job Update

trauma and recovery conference

2022 Trauma & Recovery Conference: CT Women’s Consortium

National Pumpkin Day

What If I Runaway To Mars?

My Biggest Insecurity: My Lazy Eye

To You From Dez :)

Taking A Trip To Run Away From My Problems

Another Mountain Attempt

Sharing My Poem “Enough”

National Stop Bullying Day

Reasons I Hate Going Out In Public

World Mental Health Day

Getting Outside

Having A Panic Attack On A 9,000 FT Mountain

What It’s Like Having COVID When You Have Really Bad Anxiety

Welcome Dez!

The End of a Chapter

Nature Is Where You Feel Whole…

working in education staff photo

Working In Education: How I Feel About Back To School

To The Friends I’ve Grown Apart From…

Bisexual Visibility Is Important Too!

My Favorite Shows To Binge-Watch

Alternatives To Suicide Group

Baking It Perfect: National Baker’s Day

TurningPointCT Flyers

National Singles Day 2022

National Coloring Day: It’s Actually Good For You!

positive thinking

Positive Thinking Makes A Difference

Encouragement Matters: You Can Do It!

Advice For High School & College Students!

Who Are Your Role Models?

Fairfield Candlelight Vigil For Overdose Awareness Day 2022

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day Post

Perfect is An Illusion

What Is 988 For?

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Recovery Month 2022

Making New Adult Friends

International Overdose Awareness Day 2022

Three Things You Need To Know


We All Have Two Lives…

What Happens When I Chat 988?

National Black Cat Appreciation Day

Turning Point CT Reads Mean Comments

National Relaxation Day

Saying Goodbye To My First Pet

Pete Davidson in Trauma Therapy

National Middle Child Day

National Spoil Your Dog Day

My Favorite Quote!

I learned how to be a Recovery Coach

International Cat Day 2022

Never Apologize For How You Feel

5 Ways To Practice Self-Care

Make Sure You Stay Grounded

Our Go-To Coping Skills

What We Love About

Hanging Out At A CT Cat Cafe For International Cat Day!

Happiness Happens, So Smile!

back to school

Back To School Self-Care

What Makes You Glad You’re Alive?

What Happens When You Call 988?

Dealing With Scary Anxiety Symptoms

Maternal Mental Health

A Friendly Reminder

Dealing With Burnout

Life Is Like A Camera

Sometimes What Didn’t Work Out…

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Let Go Of The Life You’ve Planned…

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

How My Dog Helps Me

My College Experience

Taking My Power Back

A Reminder

Positive Directions Picnic!

You Are Not Your Mistakes

Adventuring West: My Trip to Wyoming

Happiness Is…

One Day…

Stay Active In The Summer!

Getting Real About My Eating Disorder Recovery

The Overturning of Roe V Wade

Keep Going

you cannot change the people around you.

You Can’t Change The People Around You

A Part of Healing

Let This One Sink In…

Just A Quick Reminder…

Pride Month 2022



Your Body Is A Summer Body

Healing Is…

Summer Self-Care Matters Too!

You Live Most of Your Life Inside Your Head…

One Thing I’ve Learned About Life…

Social Media and Its Effects On Mental Health

You Have A Great Life In Front of You

Supporting Your LGBTQIA+ Friends During Pride Month

Men’s Health Week

Financial Hardships

Things That Will Help Bring You Peace

Harm Reduction: A Peer Perspective

PTSD Awareness Month: PTSD and Me

She Survived

Prom After the Pandemic


National Hug Your Cat Day

Mental Health Books To Check Out

shoutout to everybody out there making progress.

Shoutout To Everyone Making Progress

How I Feel About My 25th Birthday

Pride Month Feels A Little Different This Year

lake with mountains in the background.

You Are Enough

The Problem Seems To Have Resolved Itself

generational curses

Generational Trauma


Provincetown Made Me Feel Safe

Celebrating AAPIH Month As Someone Who’s A Quarter Filipino

Better Sleep Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

How I’ve Been Practicing Social Self-Care

How Reading Has Helped Me With My Mental Health

The Increase in Teenage Mental Illness Needs to be Talked About

Self-Care Practices You Should Be Practicing

One Day You’re Going To Meet The Happiest Version Of Yourself…

Therell Shares His Poem “Outcast”

Women’s Health Week: Why It’s Important To Take Care of Your Physical Health

Prevention: What I Wish I Had as a Recovering Addict.

Trauma and Women’s Health

Things That Are Actually Self-Care But Seem Rude

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: My Everyday Battle

My Asian American And Pacific Islander Heritage

May The 4th Be With You

Adventuring Alone

Always Remember…

the truth is...healing doesn't mean the damage never existed

Healing Doesn’t Mean The Damage Never Existed

i'm proud of you

I’m Proud of You

Stress Awareness Month

You Deserve To Be Happy

IEP Meetings

National Humor Month: How Humor Helps Your Mental Health

Impractical Jokers: One of My Favorite Shows

You Don’t Always Need A Plan…

therell poetry

Therell Shares His Poem “Remember Me”

Autism: Music, Art & Equine Therapy

My Sexual Assault Story

UConn Avery Point Fresh Check Day 2022

My Poetry Saved Me

Some Days Are Really, Really Hard

Move At The Pace of Nature

Slow Down, You’re Doing Fine…

Capital Community College Fresh Check Day 2022

Things That Have Helped Me In My Eating Disorder Recovery

7 Year Anniversary of Being Vegan

Take A Second To Realize How Far You’ve Come…

Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2022

Autism Awareness: Inclusion Matters!


Being A Young Licensed Professional Counselor

sunset on the thames river.

You Are Not Your Past…

Will Smith vs Chris Rock

Appreciate Where You Are In Your Journey…

Puppy Update

tree tops.

Where Do You Feel Completely Free?

text that reads 'i don't know who needs to hear this today but this hit different...' on a blue background.

Finding Peace


Better Days Are Coming

machine gun kelly mainstream sellout.

Mainstream Sellout

Getting Out In Nature Is My Self-Care

balloons that write 25.

Thoughts On My Upcoming 25th Birthday

Therell is sad.

Things That Uplift Me When I’m Feeling Down

ignoring my responsibilities.

Ignoring My Responsibilities

Learning To Put Myself First

Your Expectations Of Me…

Living With Seasonal Depression

When I Flip Out Over Nothing

International Day Of Happiness

What Makes You Happy?

Social Anxiety

brain injury scan.

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Turning Red Is Full Of Important Life Lessons

Rock Your Socks Off For World Down Syndrome Day!

girl looking concerned.

When Someone Tells You Your Mental Illness Is Your Fault

How Trauma Has Changed My Life

Things That Did Not Help My Mental Health

Resolves We Should All Have This Year

My Thoughts on Trauma

Trip to Vermont For My Mental Health

working from home.

Working From Home Podcast

Self-Harming Shouldn’t Be Treated Like A Joke

Benefits of Peer Support

Unhealthy Coping Mechanism: Smoking

Life Is Too Short To Worry About The Stupid Things…

Self-Care Plan: How To Create Your Own!

Healing Is Rough Sometimes

Kids Are Talking: Mental Health in the Mirror

My Race Isn’t For You To Decide

One Of The Most Important Quotes I’ve Ever Heard…

Walk Away From Anything That Gives You Bad Vibes…

Being Mixed But White-Presenting

When You’re Just Trying To Have A Good Day

Crazy Plant Lady: A Day In The Leaf

Eating Disorders

How Life Feels Is More Important Than How It Looks

Recovery Travels: Austin, Texas

Getting Unwanted Advice

Things I Keep In The House To Make Sure I Eat

Paid Opportunity For Young Adults!

Music Therapy

Combating My Depression With Starbucks

eating disorder awareness week

Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2022

When You Stop Chasing The Wrong Things…

Strength-Based Approach to Substance Use Prevention, Youth Panel with Dr. Ijeoma Opara

kailey working at night.

You Might Be Mentally Ill If…

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Uncle Iroh’s Best Advice

girl laying in bed.

When I Tell My Depression We Have To Get Up

Black History Month: Growing Up Black In A White Town

Anxiety Stuff

serena butterfly effect

Women Empowerment Interview Series: Kailey from TurningPointCT


When You Don’t Feel Depressed For The First Time In Weeks


Experiences of Racism

Asking My Anxiety The Real Questions

Anxiety: I Am Scared of Everything

Being A New Dog Owner


When You Try To Open Up About Your Mental Health But You Get Shut Down

Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month Pt. 2

When Someone Tells Me I Don’t Have Anxiety

Annoying Anxiety

Anxiety and Forgetfulness

Mental Health Stigmas – TurningPointCT with Kids Are Talking

Getting Overstimulated In Public

Taking On Too Much Responsibility

What I Want More Of This Year

Calming Sound of Running Stream

Isabela And Her Struggle With Being Perfect

Things I Wish People Knew About Mental Health

The Stress of Having A New Puppy

Things We Wish People Knew About Mental Health

Don’t Be Ridiculous

Living With Tourette Syndrome


How Traveling Changed My Life Forever

Living With Health Anxiety

Becoming An Auntie

Why Mirabel Madrigal Is My New Role Model

Ron Swanson Quotes To Live By

Why Good Time Management Skills Matter

I Wish I Could Be Chill


Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month Pt. 1

When Someone Tries To Give Me Unsolicited Advice About My Mental Health

High Functioning Anxiety

It’s Not Your Job To Fix Other People’s Problems

My Newfound Fear of The Cold

12 More Times “BoJack Horseman” Got Real About Mental Health

I Have Anxiety

Machine Gun Kelly Songs That Helped Me Through One Of The Worst Depressions Of My Life

FREE Apps To Help Young People With Mental Wellness

I Gotta Put Me First

Grieving Celebrity Deaths

When Someone Says “But You Didn’t Seem Anxious!”

Ally’s #10YearChallenge

Cleaning My Stupid House After My Stupid Depressive Episode

Don’t Live The Same Year 75 Times…

Kailey’s #TenYearChallenge: From Insecure to Confident

12 Times The Netflix Show “BoJack Horseman” Got Real About Mental Health

We Need Snow Days, Not Remote Learning Days

Ally’s Back to Blogging

Encanto’s Luisa Pays Homage To Older Sisters

vision board podcast

Vision Boards

Panicking For Seemingly No Reason

Twenty One Pilots Lyrics That Just Speak To My Soul

Interesting Reaction TikTok

2022: Off To A Rough Start

In 2022, You’re Better Off…

Don’t Be Someone’s Sometimes

2021 Reflections From The TurningPointCT Team

Things I Learned in 2021

My Holidays and COVID

How COVID Has Changed Our Holidays Yet Again

Being A December Baby

2021 Winter Holidays & New Years Podcast

Self-Care During & After The Holidays

When Someone Tells Me “Just Choose Happiness!!”

Having A Split Holiday

My First Christmas Away From My Childhood Home

Unrealistic Christmas List TikTok

Recovery Story Series: Kailey

My Journey With Writing Songs

How I Went From Inmate to Business Owner

Quotes About Grief

Social Anxiety TikTok

Quotes About Change

A Little Consideration, A Little Thought…

Kailey Shares What She Struggled With In High School

Staples High School Teen Awareness Group – Things They Wish Parents Knew

Staples High School Teen Awareness Group – Advice For Incoming Freshmen

Hard Truths I’ve Learned During My Healing

Positive Self-Love Affirmations

Social Media and Diet Culture

Do not confuse my bad days as a sign of weakness…

The Stress of Being A Young, Anxious Pet Owner

Practicing Gratitude Everyday

Emotional Pain: An Experience

What Self Care Means to Me

Recovery Story Series: Ally

TurningPointCT Team Shares What They’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Why Thanksgiving is My Favorite Holiday

Cara’s Adoption Story

Funny Anxiety TikTok

Thanksgiving: Not My Favorite

Why Dating Yourself Matters

Inclusive Mental & Behavioral Health Resources

Seasonal Depression

Never Stop Being A Good Person…

Seasonal Depression

Trans Lifeline

Going To College… Again.

TurningPointMoment: Kailey’s Oregon Trip

Quotes I Really Needed To Hear When I Was Struggling

social anxiety

My Experience With Social Anxiety

Why Teaching Kindness Matters

Interview With Robyn About Life With ADHD

My Depression Vs. My Anxiety

Reminding Yourself That You Are Enough

Things I Hate Hearing as Someone Who’s Transgender


Nadia’s Adoption Story

College Prep: My Experience so Far

The Experience of Pregnancy and Completing College With An Infant

Becoming ‘The Older Sister’ At 15

The Struggle Before Getting To My New Major

If you get tired…

My Brother, My Rock

Why Saying No Is Okay

Kids Are Talking – Get Involved!

Avoiding Something Is Easy

When Seasonal Depression Hits

Take A Hike With Project Coordinator Kailey

The First Time I Got Misgendered

4 Years

Practicing Self-Love On A Bad Day

Recovery Story Series: Dominique

Who Makes You Happy?

Make A Pizza With Me!


Welcome To The Transicle Stand

When In Doubt, Paint Your Nails

Release Yourself

Interview With Music Artist Felly

Coming Out As Pansexual

Things I’m Tired of Hearing As Someone With Mental Illnesses

And The Baker’s Gonna Bake, Bake, Bake!

Mental Health Stigmas: A Pressing Issue

Recovery Story Series: Marco

Looking Back On My High School Years

A Strong Person And A Waterfall Always Carve Their Own Path

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Elevate Health and Wellness Virtual Teen Support Group

There are far better things ahead…

I’m The Proud Sister of A Transgender Teen

How To Make A Mental Health Crisis Box

Ella’s Distraction Tool

Break The Stigma

Mental Health Books

Talking To Your Inner Child

Every Day, A Million Miracles Begin At Sunrise

And That’s On Recovery