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UConn Avery Point Fresh Check Day 2022

Today, I had the honor of being a part of UConn Avery Point’s first ever Fresh Check Day!

At the event, I ran the Uplift activity table where students came to make their own self-care kits. We provided boxes they could decorate as well as various items to put into their self-care kits. Some of the items they could add into their boxes were:

  • A paper clip: to help hold your life together when it seems like it is falling apart!
  • A rock: to help keep you grounded when your life seems to get out of hand!
  • An eraser: to make all of those little mistakes disappear!
  • A Hersey’s Kiss: to remind you that you’re always loved!
  • Fidget toys: for a distraction when you’re feeling anxious!

They also had the option to create their own stress balls out of balloons and flour.

students making their own stress balls with flour and balloons

The students really seemed to have a great time putting together their self-care kits and making their own stress balls. And the best part is, they left with a useful tool kit to turn to when they’re having a hard time!

student decorating their self-care box
students adding items to their self-care kits and making stress balls

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