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Making New Adult Friends

In 2019, I moved away from Connecticut. I moved to Washington with my then fiancé, now husband. It was hard moving across the country from my friends in Connecticut. I struggled with making new friends and being away from all of my friends back home. Below are some things I’ve done to make friends in a new place!

Bumble for friends

  • Positives: low effort, can filter based on profiles
  • Disadvantages: no one really wants to meet up, the danger aspect of meeting a stranger, awkward trying to make a friend of the opposite sex 

Military pages / Community pages 

  • Positives: finding a few people you really connect with and aren’t crazy, people that are going through the same hardships, the ability to have friends to travel all over the world to see if you get close 
  • Disadvantages: some military wives are crazy, the short term friendships for hanging out in person, not always finding people that fit into your hobbies, dealing with what you get

Local Events / Classes

I have meet some really awesome people from a local brewery. The owner has become a good friend. I’ve meet many people through her and by being at that brewery for events. I now have people I can invite to my own events. Being a regular is not a bad thing. 

Getting to Know Your Neighbors 

Personally I have had a blessing because my neighbors are very similar and have the same interests. I’ve met more people from their group and we’re able to do things outside my comfort level and try new things.

The Biggest Thing with Making New Adult Friends

I would say setting your expectations is a huge part of making new adult friends. I would say talk about your expectations with a new friend the second time you meet. I am a very go with the flow type person when it comes to girl friends. I don’t care what we do I just want to spend time to talk. But I also enjoy a night out. Understanding if someone might be “flaky” is huge. I never expect someone to go through with plans because then I let myself down for trusting that. Expecting someone to never go through is easier for me personally to go with the flow. I like to invite a lot of people to a bigger event that way if one person bails I’m not left completely alone.

– Janelle, Age 25

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