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Pride Month: Not Just Parades & Festivals

Image courtesy of Sterling Graves

I’ve been able to spend this Pride Month at small pop up markets and local events and I’ve felt more connected to my community than I have in years past. The commercialization and cooptation of pride by corporations has really squashed my desire to go to big parades and events. Pride didn’t start out this way. The first pride was a riot. And sometimes, it feels like the history of queer and trans liberation gets lost in favor of rainbow capitalism.

For me, pride has never been about rainbow products or big parties and parades. June revolves around my community. It’s about supporting queer and trans artists and creatives. It’s about honoring the queer and trans folks who took enormous risks to propel our community towards liberation. With the barrage of anti-trans bills being introduced around the country, it feels more important than ever for queer and trans folks to have spaces to just be with each other.

I’m fortunate to have found and curated these spaces. I also know that there are so many queer and trans folks that are in places and situations that make it difficult or unsafe for them to come out or to express themselves fully. Knowing this fuels my desire and willingness to be open and visible. I will continue to share my journey. I will continue to educate folks with compassion and patience. And I will absolutely continue to make this world safer for us in all of the ways I possibly can. And not just during pride month.

I’m still learning how to show up for my community, but the learning journey has been so rewarding. It is such a gift to love my chosen family so fiercely and so on purpose. This is what pride month is about to me.

two pride month art prints. one says community is resistance. the other says chosen family beyond blood.

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