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Becoming An Auntie

Last week, I became a first time aunt. My brother, who is a year older than me, had his first child. I am now the auntie to my beautiful niece. She has been long awaited, as she is also the first great-grandchild for my mom’s parents. She already has everyone wrapped around her little finger.

It didn’t quite hit me until my brother was updating us as he and his girlfriend were at the hospital. I found myself feeling all kinds of emotions that I wasn’t expecting. I also had the urge to cry. Not from sadness, but in happiness and just disbelief that I am going to be a tiny human’s auntie.

It became even more real when I got the text that she had made her entrance into this world along with a picture of her. From the first picture, I was in love. Every hour, I was texting my brother “Any more pics???” because I wanted to see as much of her as possible. I didn’t want to miss anything because I couldn’t go visit in the hospital due to COVID.

When I finally got to meet her, I immediately held her and I held her for two hours while she slept in my arms. I spent most of the time just staring at her little face in complete awe. Sometimes, she’d scrunch up her face in her sleep, other times, it was completely calm. She slept for so long in my arms, her parents were shocked that she was still asleep by the second hour. It’s because she was so comfy in auntie’s arms.

I can’t wait to spoil her rotten and make her all kinds of fun things. I had started making her things before she was actually born. I also started buying her cute things before she was born as well any time I saw anything remotely cute. I am so excited to have a little bestie.

stuff I made for my niece before she was born

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