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Ben’s Year of Service With Positive Directions

Reels: Advice & Music (2)

Reels: Nature Photography & Matching Outfits (2)

Reels: Star Wars & The Finch App (3)

Reels: Appreciating Our Teachers (1)

Star Wars & Mental Health Awareness! (2)

Reels: Celebrations & Social Anxiety (2)

Second Batch of April 2023 Reels (3)

First Reels of April 2023 (2)

Navigating Anxiety & Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts | Planting Vlog

Final Reels of March 2023 (1)

Reels: Week of March 12 (3)

Reels: Week of March 5th (2)

A Positivity Exercise!


What Do We Do When We’re Sad?

Happy Halloween 2022

What If I Runaway To Mars?

Taking A Trip To Run Away From My Problems

Sharing My Poem “Enough”

Reasons I Hate Going Out In Public

Nature Is Where You Feel Whole…

Advice For High School & College Students!

Who Are Your Role Models?

Fairfield Candlelight Vigil For Overdose Awareness Day 2022

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day Post

Perfect is An Illusion

What Is 988 For?

Three Things You Need To Know

We All Have Two Lives…

What Happens When I Chat 988?

Turning Point CT Reads Mean Comments

My Favorite Quote!

5 Ways To Practice Self-Care

Make Sure You Stay Grounded

Our Go-To Coping Skills

What We Love About

Hanging Out At A CT Cat Cafe For International Cat Day!

What Makes You Glad You’re Alive?

What Happens When You Call 988?

A Friendly Reminder

Life Is Like A Camera

Sometimes What Didn’t Work Out…

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

How My Dog Helps Me

Taking My Power Back

Positive Directions Picnic!

You Are Not Your Mistakes

Happiness Is…

One Day…

Keep Going

you cannot change the people around you.

You Can’t Change The People Around You

A Part of Healing

Let This One Sink In…

Just A Quick Reminder…

Healing Is…

You Live Most of Your Life Inside Your Head…

One Thing I’ve Learned About Life…

You Have A Great Life In Front of You

Things That Will Help Bring You Peace

She Survived


National Hug Your Cat Day

Mental Health Books To Check Out

shoutout to everybody out there making progress.

Shoutout To Everyone Making Progress

lake with mountains in the background.

You Are Enough

The Problem Seems To Have Resolved Itself

generational curses

Generational Trauma

One Day You’re Going To Meet The Happiest Version Of Yourself…

Therell Shares His Poem “Outcast”

Adventuring Alone

Always Remember…

the truth is...healing doesn't mean the damage never existed

Healing Doesn’t Mean The Damage Never Existed

i'm proud of you

I’m Proud of You

You Deserve To Be Happy

IEP Meetings

You Don’t Always Need A Plan…

therell poetry

Therell Shares His Poem “Remember Me”

Some Days Are Really, Really Hard

Move At The Pace of Nature

Slow Down, You’re Doing Fine…

Take A Second To Realize How Far You’ve Come…

sunset on the thames river.

You Are Not Your Past…

tree tops.

Where Do You Feel Completely Free?

text that reads 'i don't know who needs to hear this today but this hit different...' on a blue background.

Finding Peace


Better Days Are Coming

Getting Out In Nature Is My Self-Care

Therell is sad.

Things That Uplift Me When I’m Feeling Down

ignoring my responsibilities.

Ignoring My Responsibilities

Learning To Put Myself First

Living With Seasonal Depression

When I Flip Out Over Nothing

What Makes You Happy?

Social Anxiety

girl looking concerned.

When Someone Tells You Your Mental Illness Is Your Fault

Things That Did Not Help My Mental Health

Trip to Vermont For My Mental Health

Benefits of Peer Support

Life Is Too Short To Worry About The Stupid Things…

Healing Is Rough Sometimes

Kids Are Talking: Mental Health in the Mirror

One Of The Most Important Quotes I’ve Ever Heard…

Walk Away From Anything That Gives You Bad Vibes…

When You’re Just Trying To Have A Good Day

Getting Unwanted Advice

Things I Keep In The House To Make Sure I Eat

Music Therapy

Combating My Depression With Starbucks

Strength-Based Approach to Substance Use Prevention, Youth Panel with Dr. Ijeoma Opara

kailey working at night.

You Might Be Mentally Ill If…

girl laying in bed.

When I Tell My Depression We Have To Get Up

Anxiety Stuff

serena butterfly effect

Women Empowerment Interview Series: Kailey from TurningPointCT


When You Don’t Feel Depressed For The First Time In Weeks

Asking My Anxiety The Real Questions

Anxiety: I Am Scared of Everything

When You Try To Open Up About Your Mental Health But You Get Shut Down

When Someone Tells Me I Don’t Have Anxiety

Annoying Anxiety

Anxiety and Forgetfulness

Mental Health Stigmas – TurningPointCT with Kids Are Talking

Getting Overstimulated In Public

Calming Sound of Running Stream

Don’t Be Ridiculous

I Wish I Could Be Chill

When Someone Tries To Give Me Unsolicited Advice About My Mental Health

High Functioning Anxiety

It’s Not Your Job To Fix Other People’s Problems

I Have Anxiety

I Gotta Put Me First

When Someone Says “But You Didn’t Seem Anxious!”

Cleaning My Stupid House After My Stupid Depressive Episode

Panicking For Seemingly No Reason

Interesting Reaction TikTok

When Someone Tells Me “Just Choose Happiness!!”

Unrealistic Christmas List TikTok

Social Anxiety TikTok

Kailey Shares What She Struggled With In High School

Staples High School Teen Awareness Group – Things They Wish Parents Knew

Staples High School Teen Awareness Group – Advice For Incoming Freshmen

TurningPointCT Team Shares What They’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Funny Anxiety TikTok

TurningPointMoment: Kailey’s Oregon Trip

My Depression Vs. My Anxiety

When Seasonal Depression Hits

Take A Hike With Project Coordinator Kailey

Make A Pizza With Me!

A Strong Person And A Waterfall Always Carve Their Own Path

How To Make A Mental Health Crisis Box

Ella’s Distraction Tool

Break The Stigma

Mental Health Books

Talking To Your Inner Child

Every Day, A Million Miracles Begin At Sunrise

And That’s On Recovery

Easy Ways To Practice Self-Care

Taking Some Time To Decompress With Music

Pep Talk

Unhealed Trauma

Funny Mental Health TikTok

Taking A Walk To Decompress

Things I’ve Learned On My Recovery Journey Part 1

Whatever You’re Struggling With Will Pass

It’s Okay To…

Music As A Coping Skill

Take A Moment To Breathe…

Calming Walk With TurningPointCT

Calming Sounds Of The Water Walkthrough

nature benefits

Mental Health Benefits of Nature

Take A Break With TurningPointCT

Ally Reflects On Overdose Awareness Day 2021

How To Make A Positivity Jar

Fairfield Cares Youth Coalition Debunk Myths about Substance Use: Peer to Peer Prevention

How Mental Illness Is Portrayed In The Media

sweet potato serotonin boost

Growing a Sweet Potato Plant: Easy Serotonin Boost!

taking an afternoon break

#TurningPointMoment: Taking an Afternoon Break

cold weather self care

Cold Weather Self-Care

Hunt for Happiness week

Hunt for Happiness Week

Alex reflecting on transitioning to normal

Transitioning to Normal When Things Aren’t Normal

favorite things while sad

A Few of My Favorite Things When I’m Feeling Sad

study break tips

Study Break Tips

activities to do when stressed

Calming Activities For When You’re Feeling Stressed

trees with text about benefits of being outside

The Benefits of Being Outside

CT Teens React

CT Teens React: America’s COVID Response

#FridayFavorites The Sun and Her Flowers

Our First Panic Attacks Story Time

Coping When You’re Feeling Down

How to Help a Friend Who Tells You They Are Suicidal: Part Two

#FridayFavorites: Other People’s Lives Podcast

Alex on Being “Productive” in Quarantine

#TurningPointMoment: Alex makes dinner

#CopingSkill: Jessica Shares a Helpful Breathing Technique

#FridayFavorites: Alex Shares Her Favorite Show

Jessica’s Thursday Message of Inspiration and Hope

Jessica’s Coping Skill for an Anxiety Attack

#TurningPointMoment Alex’s Quarantine Self Care

What to Do When a Friend Tells You They Are Suicidal: Part One

What to Expect: Virtual Peer Support Group

#TurningPointMoment Mindful Breathing Technique for Panic Attacks

#TurningPointMoment: Ella Spreads Positivity During COVID

Episode 1 – I’m Not Your Therapist, BUT…

#TurningPointMoment Ella Gets Up Out of Bed

#TurningPointMoment Ella Cleans Her Room

Ella’s #TurningPointMoment at Sherwood Island State Park, CT

Crystal’s Advice to Anyone Struggling Out There!

Why Crystal became a Recovery Support Specialist (RSS)!

Recovery Support Specialist (RSS) Graduate Shares Her Story

Borderline Personality Disorder Discussion

QPR Anyone Can Prevent Suicide

Ally Recovery Month

About TurningPointCT

SMART Recovery Spanish

You Are Not Alone – Find Information and Support

Young People Recover: Vered

Young People Discover: Shaquiel

Young People Recover: Johnathan

Young People Recover: Kevin

Young People Recover: Michaela

Social Anxiety Disorder PSA

Suicidio Adolescente PSA (Producido por United Way)

Teen Suicide PSA United Way

If I Had Known…

What to Expect From Group Therapy

What to Expect at a Psych or Detox Unit

What to Expect at Your First Therapy Session

How to Help a Friend

Recovery Poetry: EZ’s Poem: Pain

Recovery Poetry: EZ’s poem: Through the Poems Within Me

Recovery Poetry: Patrick’s Spoken Word, 2

Recovery Poetry: Patrick’s Spoken Word, 1

Recovery Poetry: EZ’s poem: What Is and Isn’t Normal

Recovery Poetry: Vered’s poem: His Hand on My Back

First Therapy Session

Getting Started, Part 2: Tips on First Therapy Session

Getting Started, Part 1: Find a Therapist

How Do You Know You Need Help?

What is Wellness?

What Does it Take to Recover from Mental Health Issues?

Summer Check In Video

Coming of Age (Video)

Meredith: You Are Not A Failure

Luca’s Recovery Month

Eliza’s Recovery Video

Recovery Relationships



Talking About Borderline Personality Disorder

FAB Vlog from Brien McMahon High School


What We Like About SMART Recovery ®

Life Skills: Communication

Life Skills: Housing

Life Skills: Job Skills

Life Skills: Medication Management

Life Skills: Money Management

Life Skills: Becoming a Parent


Watch Ally Share What She Learned at a Naloxone (Narcan) Training


Are our youth over-medicated?

Celebrating Recovery Month With Ally

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness Month (Tips From Maneesh Gupta)

Kevin Breel @ Yale University (Mental Wellness)

Anyone Can Prevent Suicide


Arts In The Woods – LGBT Retreat

Mental Health Awareness

My name is Sophie… (Mental Health Awareness)

psa PSA

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

Drug Abuse

Mind Your Meds: Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

You’re Not Alone

You’re Not Alone – Find Information and Support


BStigma-Free Ludlowe


We Are YASBIZ-Winner of the Young Adults in Recovery Contest!


YAS Hartford


Dream Chasers: Career Goals Become Reality