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After nearly a year of inactivity, I recently released my 10th song “Unstoppable”!

As you may have seen from my other songs I’ve shared in Creative Expressions, the majority of my songs have a theme of sadness, regret, etc. However, I chose to release “Unstoppable” next not only to have a change in theme, but as also a sort of celebration for hitting this personal music release milestone.

“Unstoppable” is a song showcasing a growth in self confidence within myself. It did take about a year or so to write it, though. In the beginning, I used pockets of feeling content to write this song. Eventually, I had an easier time writing as I had more moments of feeling content and even self accomplishment in my life. And rereading the lyrics during the writing process helped too.

I also chose to perform this track with a more laid back flow, which for me helps deliver the message of having more self esteem, less worries, etc.

Finally, this is my first song with a new recording studio, The Recording Parlor in Windsor, CT. Since moving last year, it was just more convenient to find things that were closer to me, a recording studio being one of them. I look forward to continuing my music journey as I keep writing and recording!

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