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Anxiety: I Am Scared of Everything

Growing up, I was so scared of everything, my family used to joke that I was afraid of my own shadow. The anxiety was and still is REAL.

@turningpointct.org why yes, I am scared of everything thanks to my anxiety #anxiety #generalizedanxiety #scared #areyouscared #mentalhealth #fyp ♬ original sound – Watcher

The other night, I took my puppy out to do his business in the middle of the night and I heard rustling in the bushes. The puppy and I were so scared, we bolted into the house.

There are a lot of things, rational and irrational, that my anxiety has made me afraid of. Despite these fears, I’ve started to try and push past them to be able to live my life.

I used to be terrified of planes, but due to wanting to travel, I’ve made myself become comfortable and used to flying. I still get a bit anxious flying, but nowhere near as anxious where it is uncomfortable the whole flight.

Heights have always scared me, but I love to hike and see the views from the top of things. So, I slowly made myself comfortable with being up high on the tops of cliffs and mountains to be able to enjoy the views without panic.

Sure, anxiety makes me afraid of a lot, but I continue to try and push past these fears because I don’t want to miss out on life because I’m afraid of everything.

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