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Trip to Vermont For My Mental Health

I have been so overwhelmed lately, so when my friend who lives in Vermont said she was off this weekend, I quickly made the last minute plans to make the four hour drive up. I have taken on way too much work and it has taken such a toll on my mental health. I have found myself pretty much avoiding work and emails because it has all been too much.

I’ve been drowning in work. I recently started a new travel blog with my mom. I’m working this job at TurningPointCT, working on my other blog with my mom, as well as working on my mom’s main blog. I’m ALSO caring for a puppy, and trying to do all the things that come with being an adult such as cooking, cleaning, etc. Somehow I am managing to get everything done, but again, at the expense of my mental well-being.

Even though my trip up to Vermont was only a day and a half, with the half part being a total of 8 hours of driving, the one full day I got of exploring was such a breath of fresh air. I might have walked a whopping 10 miles bouncing around to see everything I possibly could in a day, but it brought back some of the life that had been drained out of me from the constant, around-the-clock work schedule I’ve found myself in.

You can get a glimpse of my day in Vermont below 🙂

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I can’t wait to go back in a month for my birthday when the weather will hopefully be a bit warmer!

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