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Getting Outside

From a young age, I was always outside. I grew up in Salem on 77 acres of land to hangout on. We had trails, a pond with a small beach, kayaks, a playscape, lots of cool berries to play with…I mean, what more could a kid ask for?

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I have so many memories of spending time finding salamanders with my brother, building sand villages with him, and making potions and “food” with plants we found outside. My friends and I used to get these purple berries we called paint berries and mash them up and paint with them.

My brother and I with a salamander and a worm

As I’ve gotten older, my relationship with getting outside has changed. Instead of being creative and playing with plants and dirt, my outdoor time is spent taking photographs, walking my dog, playing with my dog, hiking, or just sitting back and enjoying the peace of the outdoors.

No matter what you decide to do outside, it’s going to have some benefits to your mental health. Be sure to watch my video about the mental health benefits of nature right here on TurningPointCT!


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