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Listening to Music For Self Care

In my last post about my self care checklist, I went a little more in depth into writing and why it’s my favorite activity from my list. Today’s highlighted activity is listening to music.

Like most people, I like listening to music. It can induce a plethora of moods depending on the lyrics, beat, flow, etc. I will either feel calm and peaceful, or get a little sad (especially if it’s a song by Juice WRLD where he talks about his depression and addiction).

I have a playlist mostly dedicated to music from the early to mid 2010s, which is currently my favorite era of music. I have the songs ordered from “least” favorite to most favorite, saving the best for last.

For me, having headphones on whilst listening to the songs makes the experience 10x more enjoyable. I like not having to worry about the volume being too loud, hearing the ad-libs more clearly, and feeling more of the bass.

Added with all of the above, listening to the music on my playlist can also motivate me to continue writing lyrics for my own songs.

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By the way, does anyone else dance and sing along to songs while looking in the mirror? Sometimes I get very animated doing so, like I’m performing on stage 😂.

music for self care

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