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To You From Dez :)

Hello! My name is Dez Chapman. My pronouns are he/they and I am the new Project Assistant here! You may have seen a post about my story. There, I talk a little about my struggles. You can also read about our peers’ unique stories here! They have helped me feel like I’m not alone.

A Little About Me

I’m a transgender masculine person who is part of the BIPOC, neurodivergent and spiritual communities. Throughout my journey I have learned how to manage my gender dysphoria, PTSD, and sensory difficulties of Autism. My experiences make me extremely passionate about ending the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding mental health and culture. All of which motivates me to contribute to this evolving world!

I would like to consider myself as a unique and old soul; my temperament and use of language really shows it. Learning about the world and the universe is something I greatly enjoy doing as a hobby. For ways of coping, I play the guitar, piano and drums. I also create art and poetry! Only a fraction of my poetry is on Wattpad. In addition, I love music. You can always find me listening to music of different languages and genres! Music suggestions are welcome!

What Makes Me Unique

I’m a psychic medium! I realized that I had this gift when I was a child. My experiences of being a psychic medium helps me understand the world and people. Most importantly, it helped me understand that personal connection matters! That’s why I like spending time listening to myself and/or in nature; preferably surrounded by trees near a stream of water! I sometimes find myself helping injured animals when I come across them out in nature.

To read more about me, visit the About Us page!

I’m excited to be part of TuriningPointCT.org! I aspire to make people feel like they are not alone in their unique journeys!

Contact: dchapman@positivedirections.org

One Reply to “To You From Dez :)”

  1. Kailey MarcAurele says:

    I also play guitar and piano to help cope 🙂 I can’t wait to read more of your posts, welcome to the project!

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