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Just A Quick Reminder…

You can’t heal from things you don’t acknowledge.

I used to be that person who shoved all of my feelings down. I would pretend that things didn’t hurt me, even when they did.

Shoving them down and not acknowledging my feelings made things so much worse. I wasn’t able to heal because I wasn’t allowing myself to accept that I had been hurt.

For a while I just had accepted that I was depressed and anxious because that’s just who I am as a person.

It took me years to realize that my mental health was awful due to traumas I had shoved down and not dealt with. This realization came when I had to get into those traumas during therapy.

While bringing those past traumas up and facing them wasn’t easy, it made a huge difference in my healing journey. Once I acknowledged that I had been hurt in the past, I was really able to start making some serious progress in my healing. It made me so much more self-aware.

While it might seem easier to just pretend you haven’t been hurt, it’s so much better in the long run to face those wounds. Facing them head on isn’t easy, but it’s a necessary part of healing.

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