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Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Did you know that September 1st is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day?

I’m here to show some love for my ginger cat, Moe! I appreciate him every day, but it’s definitely cool that him and all of his orange friends have a day for them!

Moe brings so much joy to my life. When I first met him, he was pretty anti-social and he liked to do his own thing. If one of us came into the room, he’d be outtie.

However, in the last couple of years, he has really warmed up to me. Before, it used to be a special moment if he let us sit with him, but now I have so many moments with him where I just sit with him and pet him. He likes to be pet on the top of his butt and he even makes cute little chirp noises.

I am so thankful for his acceptance of me and that he really has warmed up to me. Before, he was never much of a purrer, but now I know just how to get him to do his really soft purrs. They’re so quiet, you really have to get close and really listen for them, but they’re there!

Looking at his cute little face is enough to completely change my mood. He really is the sweetest kitty, as most orange kitties are! Moe is really such a blessing!

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  1. MW says:

    I love your cat!

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