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Self-Harm Alternatives

Many people talk about self-harm and ways to prevent yourself from self-harming. But, many people don’t talk about the self-harm alternatives.

Self-Harm Awareness Month

March is Self-Harm Awareness Month. Self-harm is an overall hard topic for me to touch upon because I used to self-harm by cutting and punching myself. And people around me currently self-harm by multiple methods. I’m not going to lie, it does trigger my nervous system when I’m around it. But this isn’t why I’m writing.

I asked myself and out loud “what is classified as self-harm other than the obvious?” Reading the list surprised me. I’m going to include the entire list:

  • Cutting/Biting/Poisoning/Hitting yourself
  • Over-Eating or Under-Eating (purposefully)
  • Exercising Excessively
  • Picking/Scratching/Burning your skin (purposefully)
  • Inserting Objects that are Harmful to your Body
  • Hitting Objects that may cause an Injury
  • Misusing/Abusing Alcohol, Prescriptions & Drugs
  • Pulling your hair
  • Having Unsafe Sex (w/ a stranger, someone who is unsafe, putting yourself in danger)
  • Getting into fights where you know you will get hurt.

I, of course, added a few context words to the list because it matters. The last time I self-harmed by cutting was around 2016. I honestly don’t remember the last time I self-harmed by hitting myself. However, based off this list, the last time I self-harmed was December 20th, 2022 (hitting objects that may cause an injury). It wasn’t purposefully done to hurt myself, however, due to a need to exert my anger.

Self-Harm Alternatives: Ideas

I don’t have all the answers to alternatively prevent all the methods of self-harm. However, I do have ideas that can help someone who self-harms by: cutting, poisoning/pill taking, and hitting objects that may cause an injury.

Cutting Alternatives

I was trying to find the self-harm recovery pen online, however, it sells out extremely fast! Essentially, the pen is filled with a strong mint essential oil to cause a mimic burning sensation. The point of the pen doesn’t harm the skin at all, but it does feel like scratches. It’s typically sold on Etsy. Although this pen isn’t currently selling, there is an alternative to those who cut to draw blood. It’s a Self-Harm Recovery Blood Roller. If you are looking for the mimic burning sensation, use a thin ice pack or just ice and place it on the skin.

One last alternative to cutting is tattooing yourself or getting a tattoo. Many people around me use my tattoo gun as an alternative to self-harming! This tattoo gun is similar to what I have but a cheaper alternative. This one is very similar to mine. It’s important to sterilize your skin before and after the tattoo. Take care of it. Let me know if you would like some tips in the comment section! I’ll definitely do a blog post for it!

Poisoning/Pill Taking Alternatives

I can say that this one is one of my favorite alternatives! Mainly because it’s cost effective, comes in any color, and is Vegan/Vegetarian friendly! This is the Vegan option, Vegetarian option, Gelatin option.

Hitting Objects Alternatives

This is something I recently invested in! Instead of punching things that may cause an injury, I got a double end speed bag. It helps me work out in a fun way, manage my anger/emotions and impulses. It was actually the cheapest and higher quality punching bag kit I saw. It’s great for small spaces.

Another good option for smaller spaces would be a freestanding reflex bag. If you are looking for something more heavy to put all your force into, I suggest buying a stand kickboxing/punching bag.

What self-harm alternatives will you use?

Drop some self-harm alternative ideas in the comments! Or share ways you prevent yourself from self-harming!

– Dez 🙂

self-harm alternatives

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