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Another Mountain Attempt

So after hiking Mount Bachelor in Central Oregon and having a panic attack during that, I swore to myself that I would never hike another mountain…well at least not anytime soon.

Welp, this weekend, I took a trip to Vermont and guess what? I hiked another mountain. I hiked Mount Pisgah. I hiked 2 miles up a mountain, gaining a total of 1,650 feet in elevation. If I said it was easy peasy, I would be lying. To be honest, I was dying.

So last time, the thing that caused the pain attack was just the throbbing all over my body from blood pumping through my veins to get me up the mountain. Yesterday I was with my friend who is a nurse and I just decided to ask like hey is it normal that my neck is literally throbbing?

She assured me that it was fine. I was relieved, and then I explained how the throbbing reminded me of being on the verge of a panic attack, which she was like well yes, that’s because when you’re anxious your blood pressure goes up.

After realizing it was normal, I kept going, as draining as it was. After the pain of hiking up and lots of breaks along the way, I made it up. This hike was a lot of almost straight up elevation gain, but I pushed through to the top.

Evidence that I did in fact make it to the top. I had to hold my hair in place because it was so windy.

It might have taken me a while, but that I still made it to the top. That mountain hike taught me that slow and steady wins the race.

You can read about me having a panic attack on a 9,000 foot mountain right here on TurningPointCT 😂

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