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My Poetry Saved Me


I absolutely love to write. One of my all time favorite things to write is poetry. I actually fell in love with poetry when I was in high school. At the time, I was still really struggling with my parents divorce and I really needed away to express myself without spilling all of my thoughts out. Luckily for me, I was taking creative writing at the time and this class really showed me a whole new world of expression.

Creative writing was one of the best classes I ever took in high school and my teacher, Ms. DeSantis, was a real gem. She really taught me how to express myself, ways I never even knew existed. That class taught me a lot of new things but the best thing of all was poetry. It was my escape. I was feeling broken, abandoned and I felt like I was alone. My poetry captured all of my emotion without giving away too much. I loved it.

The first couple of poems I wrote were about how I felt about my parents divorce, how much I hated my body and how alone I felt. These poems are some of my best work, they are so full of emotion but yet so beautifully crafted. Whenever I reread them, it reminds me that I went from feeling so alone and broken to feeling so whole and complete.

Poetry allowed me to express myself in ways that I could never imagine. Sometimes, I truly think it helped save me from myself. Without it, I feel like my emotions would have eaten me alive if I continued to hold them in.

If you’d like to learn more about National Poetry Month check out poets.org!

Read my poem The Poet right here on TurningPointCT.org! 🙂

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