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Writing: My Self Care Checklist (Part 1)

I recently made a post sharing my self care checklist. I then made a video about one of the activities on the list: writing, which you can check out below. Now, I want to go a little more in depth about writing.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Stories, lyrics, you name it. Though it’s always been a constant in my life, I never fully realized it was a passion until I took a creative writing class in my senior year of high school. In this class, we would often share songs to help inspire us to write a poem. The writing never felt difficult, the words always came easy to me. My classmates also gave me positive feedback, which felt nice.

After high school, my poems transitions back into lyrics, and eventually I started making music. Speaking of my music, check out my most recent song here!

I am also still writing stories, some original ideas, and others are my own version of existing TV shows. For one of my original stories, I am hoping to share it with the world one day.

I just thoroughly enjoy utilizing my creativity to, well, create some word magic. For the stories, it’s very helpful to immerse myself in the fictional world I’ve created and tell a, hopefully, good story. Writing song lyrics is very therapeutic for me, as it let’s me get out whatever is bothering me. My favorite music artist, Juice WRLD (RIP), wrote a lot of songs dedicated to his depression, anxiety, addiction, etc; I’d say he’s my biggest inspiration to write about my mental health struggles as well.

I hope I never run out of ideas to jot down, because it is very enjoyable!

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writing from my self care checklist

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