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National Black Cat Appreciation Day

August 17th is National Black Cat Day!

It’s no secret that black cats get a bad rep. Many people avoid them because they think they’re bad luck. However, as someone who has not one, but two black cats, I can tell you that’s not true. My two black kitties bring so much joy and companionship to my life. They deserve to be appreciated!!

Our oldest black cat Voodoo, is a sass master, but also the best snuggler. Out of our three cats, she is the cat I know I can always count on when I just want to hug and kiss and pet a kitty without running away. She has been one of my biggest comforts and supports since I lost my childhood cat at the beginning of the week.

Our youngest, Ash, is the cutest, fluffiest black kitty. He’s only a year old and he has quite the personality. He always has his tongue out, he loves to eat paper, and he is just a funny little kitty. He and I share a birthday so he’s also my little birthday twin. He is currently in his teenage phase where he is too good to snuggle with mom and dad, he’d rather be off doing kitty stuff (aka lounging in the sun in the cat tower by himself).

While today might be National Black Cat Appreciation Day, everyday is Black Cat Appreciation Day in my house. I really wish the stigma that surrounds these sweet kitties would end because they do not deserve to be treated as lesser than other cats.

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