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It’s Okay To Be Single

Single Life

Valentine’s week can be a tough time for some. Couples and couples activities are slightly thrown in the faces of those who are single.  And it isn’t just during the week of Valentine’s Day, but the weeks leading up to it as well. There’s romance movies and TV shows running all the time. There’s an increase amount of flowers and chocolates available in stores.

I have been single for my entire life.  It used to be very depressing and I do sometimes still feel lonely.  Having a romantic partner would be such an honor. I’m patiently waiting for the day where I meet them.  

It’s Okay to be Single

Some of you may feel that way too.  Just know, though, that it is perfectly okay to not be in a romantic relationship.  

I have goals I am working towards achieving.  I feel that some goals need to either be fully achieved. Or even close enough to complete before I enter a romantic relationship. That way I can give the best version of myself to my future partner.

The Day Will Come

Our time will come, my fellow singles.  Don’t force anything to happen.  Please be as patient as you can.

The days that pass from now to the beginning of your romantic journey creates perfect opportunities for you to continue working on achieving your goals.

I wish you all enormous amounts of success and happiness!

– Therell 🤠


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