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Check out stories from young people across the state. We've been there-and look how far we've come!

Dez’s Story of Struggling to Continue

Therell’s Story of Overcoming Anxiety and Depression Using Coping Skills

sasha with dog

Sasha’s Journey of Overcoming Her Struggles With Mental Health

Dante’s Struggle With Gender Identity And Overcoming It

Dominique’s Story About Learning To Reach Out For Help, Age 24

Emily’s Story of Learning To Manage Bipolar Disorder, Age 29

Girl sitting by water

Kailey’s Dual-Diagnosis Recovery Story: Age 23


Rose’s Experience of Bipolar

FC’s Story of Navigating a Toxic Home Environment

T.P.’s Story of Learning the Importance of Self Care (Age: 21)

Nina’s Story of Learning Self Love and Confidence

Jenna’s Story of Self Acceptance and Overcoming Anxiety

Serena’s Journey to Self Love

CH’s Story of Persevering Despite Depression and Bullying, Age: 19

Jessica’s Story of Becoming Stronger Than Her OCD and Anxiety, Age: 17

Mariah’s Journey of Becoming Independent, Age: 22

Camille’s Story of Growing Through Her Mental Illness, Age: 22

Ben’s Struggles with OCD, Age: 17

Vanessa’s Story of Learning to Peacefully Coexist with Anxiety, ADHD and Depression

Colby’s Story of Managing Anxiety

Alex’s Story of Finding Support For Depression, Anxiety and Body Dysmorphia, Age: 22

Luna’s Message of Hope After Attempting Suicide, Age: 16

Alex’s Story of Paving New Roads to Recovery, Age: 26

Skyler’s Story of Getting Help for Depression and Anxiety, Age: 25

TurningPointCT’s Project Coordinator, Ella Shares Her Struggle with Depression and Anxiety, Age: 21

Joanna’s Story About Dealing with Bipolar Disorder and Gender Dysphoria, Age: 26

Accepting ME !

Nahjeera’s Journey with Depression, Anxiety and Self-Harm

A Furret: Living With Social Anxiety

Luna’s story of getting help with Self Harm


Marco’s Story of Mental Illness, Therapy, Support, and Acceptance

Monique’s Poetic Battle With Anxiety


Tricia’s Story of Surviving Trauma

Johnathan’s Story of Living w/ Suicidal Ideation

Luca’s Story of Fighting Against Addiction and Mental Illness

Rachel’s Journey with OCD


Beth’s Story of Life After Losing Her Mom

Fallyn – Getting Back On Track

HBK- Taking steps forward

Dania- How Sharing my Secret Helped me Move Forward

Jason’s Story of Strength

D.S.’s story of surviving abuse

Jozlin’s Story of Creating her Life Worth Living

Andre J. D. – Building my Social Skills

Lauren’s Story: Breaking Free From my Abusive Dad

Ana – Bulimia: The Never Ending Cycle

Estrella C.- How animals helped me heal

Admitting the Truth; Cheniece’s Story

Teen Pregnancy; Sierra’s Story

My Struggles and Acomplishments

Realizing There’s a Problem; David’s Story

Carl’s Story of Asking for Help

Eliza – Finding Wellness as a Young Mom

Olivia’s Journey and Truth


Takyia’s Story of Surviving Childhood Abuse

Kelsie Story

Kelsie’s Journey to Truly Accepting Herself and Fighting Anxiety



Liv: The Stress of Junior Year, Age: 17

Finding Strength on My Own- SdL Age:18

Depression, Anxiety, and Learning to Accept Help-18, LM

Helping My Husband to Cope With PTSD

Alex Story

Alexis R. Defines His Struggle and His Will To Persist

Bretany, 20 Surviving Sexual Abuse


Katerina: Her Story on Coping with Emotional Distress

Kat on OCD and Depression

Frankie Story

Frankie On Coming to Terms with His Sexual Identity

Claire’s Recovery Story

Micanel Joachim

Micanel Joachim On Staying Positive


Hayley M. on Overcoming Anxiety, Fear and Panic


Sexual Abuse – T.P.

Empowering her Authentic Self

Jaydee on Empowerment

blog monkey back

Recovery Blogger Ally’s Story


Being asexual by AW

Shyness – VAD’s Story

MW’s Story on her struggle with suicidal thoughts

Being Sexually Abused – LMB

#EW Story

EW on Seeing Her Family Break Apart

sexual abuse

MA shares about sexual abuse

#SP Story

ADHD and Good Grades – SP

Fitting In

Navigating different cultures and Fitting In by JK

Status Quo

Challenging the Status Quo- SG

Cleo Story

Cleo’s Story on Being Bullied

Aubry B.

Aubry B – Growing Up Without Parental Support


Coping With Anxiety, Depression and OCD – Blogger Kelly R.

J.P’s Journey to Independence: Fighting Schizophrenia

D.J.S. Experience with Psychosis

D.J.S. Experience with Psychosis

L.N.F. Story on Witnessing Violence at Home

Sexual Assault

A.M. On Getting Her Life Back from Sexual Assault


Blogger Kevin’s Story on Homelessness and Fighting Homophobia


Detourist Blogger Amy on Breaking Down Barriers

Dealing With Grief, Robin A.

Dealing With Grief, Robin A.


Finding Self-Esteem by A.E.P.

Sufie's Story on Acceptance

Sufie’s Story on Acceptance

A.P's Journey to Wellness

A.P’s Journey to Wellness – Her Story


Winx Y.


Yasmine M shares her Story on being Bullied

Danielle’s Struggle With Mental Illness


Coping and Courage: Amily’s Story


Violet T Talks About the Unfriendly World She Grew Up In


From Growing up in a Refugee Camp: How life changed for Salmon M.

T.B’s Journey Journey to Wellness


Dan O. Talks About Coping with Stress

Mental Health

Depression and Anxiety: how Jenna J. Has Managed to Cope

Drug Abuse

Wayne’s Story


Living with Mental Illness by Valerie S.

Drug Addiction

A Path to Recovery, by Tyrene C.




Living with Migraine by Shannon

Reese’s Recovery From Depression and Alcoholism

Michael S’s Amazing Story of Recovery From Brain Injury

Michaela: Healing From Childhood Abuse

Pedro’s Take on Fighting the Odds


M’s Story on Conquering Self Harm

Bipolar Disorder

Learning to Overcome Fear by C.H.


Why Audrey J. Keeps Smiling


Getting Help: Chloe


N.B’s Story on Being Loved

Suicidal Tendecy

Maddy O. Talks About the Hard Times In Her Past

Rai C on Beating the Odds

Mental Illness

From Pain to Gaining Hope by Dior

Self Harm

Through Tough Times: Laura


A.S.M’s Way Out of Depression


Courtney’s Past Experiences with Substance Abuse

Mental Illness

Julia’s Battle with Different Diagnosis

Manic Depression

S.F: Living with Manic Depression/ Bipolar Disorder

Dolce: Recovery From Bipolar Disorder

Shenan’s Story on Overcoming Eating Disorder


Depression – Erica’s Story

Mental Illness

Finding a Way to Heal from Depression and Anxiety: Elizabeth’s Story

Katie’s Battle with Depression and Trichotillomania

Controlling Anger

EZ: Steps to Managing My Anger

Patrick: Controlling My Anger Towards Others


Kristen: Finding Myself Through Depression and Anxiety


Isabel Story: Thoughts of Self-harm


Justine: What Happens When I Self-Harm

Feeling Different

D.T’s Story on Finding Himself

anger management


Sexual Assault

Vered Story: Life After Sexual Assualt


Arlene: Triumph From Depression and Anxiety



Battling Anxiety and Depression: S.E.

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