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Peer Support for Teens and Young Adults in CT

Are you a teen or young adult in Connecticut looking for support from a peer? Our Peer Support Specialist, Quinn, is available to meet virtually and in person to talk about what you’re going through. To learn more about them and the work they do, click here and read their bio!

What is peer support?

Rather than asking what’s wrong or focusing on helping, peer support is about growing and learning together through conversation. Peer support specialists draw from their own experiences to connect with and support folks in moving towards their self-defined goals. There is no right way to receive peer support. Every meeting is unique, and participants get to choose what they’d like to talk about. Quinn is able to offer resources and connection to different communities around Connecticut for teens and young adults who are interested.

If you’re interested in meeting with Quinn or you’d like to learn more about peer support, email qjannetty@positivedirections.org or text (475) 999-2605.

peer support flyer for teens and young adults in CT.

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