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The media room offers a space for young adults to share their creative expressions (art, videos, poems etc.) and to inspire others through their creativity.


NEW Art Challenge: Quarantine Feelings/I Am Challenge

Unpaid Internship Opportunity! Apply here

New Story: “Alex’s Story of Paving New Roads to Recovery”

What to Expect: Virtual Peer Support Group

#TurningPointMoment Mindful Breathing Technique for Panic Attacks

#TurningPointMoment: Ella Spreads Positivity During COVID

Episode 1 – I’m Not Your Therapist, BUT…

SMART Recovery During COVID-19


Mental Health Education Podcast

Building a Support System

Imposter Syndrome

Podcast: Gratitude

Podcast: How Culture Shapes You

Vaping Podcast

Growing Up: The Coming of Age Podcast


Podcast: Why is it important for young people to vote?

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#FridayFavorites The Sun and Her Flowers

Our First Panic Attacks Story Time

Coping When You’re Feeling Down

How to Help a Friend Who Tells You They Are Suicidal: Part Two

#FridayFavorites: Other People’s Lives Podcast

Alex on Being “Productive” in Quarantine

#TurningPointMoment: Alex makes dinner

#CopingSkill: Jessica Shares a Helpful Breathing Technique

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