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The media room offers a space for young adults to share their creative expressions (art, videos, poems etc.) and to inspire others through their creativity.

Blog Posts

January: National Mentoring Month


Share Your Voice!

Now Hiring: Peer Support Specialist


Grieving my Uterus: Transgender Journey

Being More Productive

National Human Trafficking Prevention Month: What You Need to Know


A Full Pardon: From Convict to Coach


The Environmental Crisis and Mental Health

Express Yourself



Pride Month 2022



Mental Health Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month


Being A Young Licensed Professional Counselor

brain injury scan.

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Watch & Share Videos


What Do We Do When We’re Sad?

Happy Halloween 2022

What If I Runaway To Mars?

Taking A Trip To Run Away From My Problems

Sharing My Poem “Enough”

Reasons I Hate Going Out In Public

Nature Is Where You Feel Whole…

Advice For High School & College Students!

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