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Media Room

Check out the latest features and share your news, artwork, poems, or videos.

The media room offers a space for young adults to share their creative expressions (art, videos, poems etc.) and to inspire others through their creativity.

What's New & Cool

New Story: Marco’s story

Opioid Treatment for CT young people!

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CT SMART Recovery Groups

New April Feature: Panic Room Norwalk

Calendar for Mental Health Awareness Days: 2019

Norwalk SMART Teen Group!

Recovery: From All Wrapped Up Christmas Show by Step’n Out Dance Studio

Life Skills

Life Skills: Communication

Life Skills: Housing

Life Skills: Job Skills

Life Skills: Medication Management

Life Skills: Money Management

Life Skills: Becoming a Parent



Podcast: Why is it important for young people to vote?

Podcast: Sustaining Recovery in an Urban Environment


Podcast: Is Spirituality What Young People Need?


Podcast: How to Survive Freshman Year of High School

Podcast: What are your plans for 2018?

What struggles do you face as a young adult female?


Are our youth over-medicated?


Change – How do you deal with it?

Watch & Share Videos

Recovery: From All Wrapped Up Christmas Show by Step’n Out Dance Studio

Meredith: You Are Not A Failure

Luca’s Recovery Month

Eliza’s Recovery Video

Heat Heat Go Away, and Don’t Come back….like….ever

Recovery Relationships


Luca demonstrates his Neediness through a Dog