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The media room offers a space for young adults to share their creative expressions (art, videos, poems etc.) and to inspire others through their creativity.




turning point ct generalized anixety podcast

Generalized Anxiety

turning point ct join rise be podcast

Spotlight Feature: Join Rise Be

body image struggles podcast

Body Image Struggles

turning point ct medication podcast

Medication Podcast

early warning signs of mental illness

Early Warning Signs of Mental Illness

get involved in the turning point ct podcast

Get Involved in the TurningPointCT Podcast!

turning point ct podcast depictions of mental health in the media

Depictions of Mental Health in Media

turning point ct podcast mental health education

Mental Health Education Podcast


Connect with Ally

Emotional Wound Care Guide

stressed out

What is Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

The Long Journey to My New Major

National Mental Health Action Day

My First Panic Attack

Struggling During The Pandemic

How Mental Illness Is Portrayed In The Media

Express Yourself

Watch & Share Videos

How Mental Illness Is Portrayed In The Media

Growing a Sweet Potato Plant: Easy Serotonin Boost!

#TurningPointMoment: Taking an Afternoon Break

Cold Weather Self-Care

Hunt for Happiness Week

Transitioning to Normal When Things Aren’t Normal

A Few of My Favorite Things When I’m Feeling Sad

Study Break Tips

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