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What Do We Do When We’re Sad?

New Job Update

What If I Runaway To Mars?

Taking A Trip To Run Away From My Problems

Another Mountain Attempt

Reasons I Hate Going Out In Public

Getting Outside

Having A Panic Attack On A 9,000 FT Mountain

What It’s Like Having COVID When You Have Really Bad Anxiety

The End of a Chapter

Nature Is Where You Feel Whole…

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day Post

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

National Black Cat Appreciation Day

Saying Goodbye To My First Pet

Pete Davidson in Trauma Therapy

National Middle Child Day

National Spoil Your Dog Day

International Cat Day 2022

Hanging Out At A CT Cat Cafe For International Cat Day!

Dealing With Scary Anxiety Symptoms

Dealing With Burnout

Sometimes What Didn’t Work Out…

How My Dog Helps Me

Taking My Power Back

A Reminder

Happiness Is…

One Day…

Getting Real About My Eating Disorder Recovery

The Overturning of Roe V Wade

Keep Going

you cannot change the people around you.

You Can’t Change The People Around You

A Part of Healing

Just A Quick Reminder…


Healing Is…

You Live Most of Your Life Inside Your Head…

One Thing I’ve Learned About Life…

Social Media and Its Effects On Mental Health

You Have A Great Life In Front of You

Financial Hardships

Things That Will Help Bring You Peace

PTSD Awareness Month: PTSD and Me

She Survived

shoutout to everybody out there making progress.

Shoutout To Everyone Making Progress

lake with mountains in the background.

You Are Enough

The Problem Seems To Have Resolved Itself

generational curses

Generational Trauma

Celebrating AAPIH Month As Someone Who’s A Quarter Filipino

Better Sleep Month

How Reading Has Helped Me With My Mental Health

One Day You’re Going To Meet The Happiest Version Of Yourself…

Women’s Health Week: Why It’s Important To Take Care of Your Physical Health

Adventuring Alone

Always Remember…

the truth is...healing doesn't mean the damage never existed

Healing Doesn’t Mean The Damage Never Existed

i'm proud of you

I’m Proud of You

You Deserve To Be Happy

National Humor Month: How Humor Helps Your Mental Health

You Don’t Always Need A Plan…

My Sexual Assault Story

Move At The Pace of Nature

Slow Down, You’re Doing Fine…

Things That Have Helped Me In My Eating Disorder Recovery

Take A Second To Realize How Far You’ve Come…

sunset on the thames river.

You Are Not Your Past…

Puppy Update

tree tops.

Where Do You Feel Completely Free?

text that reads 'i don't know who needs to hear this today but this hit different...' on a blue background.

Finding Peace


Better Days Are Coming

machine gun kelly mainstream sellout.

Mainstream Sellout

Getting Out In Nature Is My Self-Care

balloons that write 25.

Thoughts On My Upcoming 25th Birthday

ignoring my responsibilities.

Ignoring My Responsibilities

Learning To Put Myself First

Living With Seasonal Depression

When I Flip Out Over Nothing

What Makes You Happy?

Social Anxiety

girl looking concerned.

When Someone Tells You Your Mental Illness Is Your Fault

How Trauma Has Changed My Life

Things That Did Not Help My Mental Health

Trip to Vermont For My Mental Health

Unhealthy Coping Mechanism: Smoking

Being Mixed But White-Presenting

Things I Keep In The House To Make Sure I Eat

Music Therapy

Combating My Depression With Starbucks

eating disorder awareness week

Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2022

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Uncle Iroh’s Best Advice

Anxiety: I Am Scared of Everything


Taking On Too Much Responsibility

Calming Sound of Running Stream

Things I Wish People Knew About Mental Health

The Stress of Having A New Puppy

Don’t Be Ridiculous

Living With Health Anxiety

Becoming An Auntie

I Wish I Could Be Chill

When Someone Tries To Give Me Unsolicited Advice About My Mental Health

High Functioning Anxiety

It’s Not Your Job To Fix Other People’s Problems

My Newfound Fear of The Cold

12 More Times “BoJack Horseman” Got Real About Mental Health

I Have Anxiety

Machine Gun Kelly Songs That Helped Me Through One Of The Worst Depressions Of My Life

I Gotta Put Me First

When Someone Says “But You Didn’t Seem Anxious!”

Cleaning My Stupid House After My Stupid Depressive Episode

Kailey’s #TenYearChallenge: From Insecure to Confident

12 Times The Netflix Show “BoJack Horseman” Got Real About Mental Health

Panicking For Seemingly No Reason

Twenty One Pilots Lyrics That Just Speak To My Soul

Interesting Reaction TikTok

2022: Off To A Rough Start

Things I Learned in 2021

How COVID Has Changed Our Holidays Yet Again

When Someone Tells Me “Just Choose Happiness!!”

My First Christmas Away From My Childhood Home

Unrealistic Christmas List TikTok

Social Anxiety TikTok

Quotes About Change

Kailey Shares What She Struggled With In High School

Hard Truths I’ve Learned During My Healing

Do not confuse my bad days as a sign of weakness…

The Stress of Being A Young, Anxious Pet Owner

Funny Anxiety TikTok

Thanksgiving: Not My Favorite

TurningPointMoment: Kailey’s Oregon Trip

Quotes I Really Needed To Hear When I Was Struggling

social anxiety

My Experience With Social Anxiety

My Depression Vs. My Anxiety


Becoming ‘The Older Sister’ At 15

The Struggle Before Getting To My New Major

My Brother, My Rock

When Seasonal Depression Hits

Take A Hike With Project Coordinator Kailey

4 Years

Make A Pizza With Me!


Release Yourself

Things I’m Tired of Hearing As Someone With Mental Illnesses

Looking Back On My High School Years

A Strong Person And A Waterfall Always Carve Their Own Path

Every Day, A Million Miracles Begin At Sunrise

Easy Ways To Practice Self-Care

Taking Some Time To Decompress With Music

Funny Mental Health TikTok

Taking A Walk To Decompress

Things I’ve Learned On My Recovery Journey Part 1

Whatever You’re Struggling With Will Pass

It’s Okay To…

Music As A Coping Skill

Take A Moment To Breathe…

Your Existence Is Not A Burden…

Reflections – Surviving Crippling Depression

My Trip To Oregon

Why I Chose To Be Sober

nature benefits

Mental Health Benefits of Nature

Take A Break With TurningPointCT

kailey with dog in bed

Benefits of Pets On My Recovery Journey

How To Help A Friend Who’s Struggling

My Struggle With Anorexia and Disordered Eating

How Photography Has Helped Me In My Recovery

How To Make A Positivity Jar

How To Make Your Own Positivity Jar!

journaling for mental health

Journaling for Mental Health

Dissociation: Common Trauma Response

How Music Has Helped Me In My Recovery

Vacation – Worth The Stress

What is Sensory Overload?

What is High Functioning Anxiety?


portrait of kailey

Q&A with Kailey About Growing Through The Pandemic

What is Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

The Long Journey to My New Major

My First Panic Attack

Struggling During The Pandemic

How Mental Illness Is Portrayed In The Media