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Stay Strong, High School Seniors!


What keeps you going?


i love being bipolar!

In Love (V2).


note to self:

Star Crossed Lovers

Temper Tantrum


One Year Milestone

1:15am Rumination

If only

Walking Paradox

"Prognosis: Love" Haiku

Happy Valentine’s… To Yourself!

Learning to let go.

Pessimist II


Have you ever been Scared… Of yourself?

I will survive… Mother Nature

Weird food

Poem: "In Love".

Food Issues.

Getting Adopted!

Once hurt, always hurt?

We stand with you, Demi


What would you do for free??

Talking to Death

3 Years Time…

3 qualities in any relationship

Personal relationships

Natural High

Me & My Mental Illness.


Article about Social Anxiety

Managing irritability

Article about NBA’s Kevin Love

One hard, hard week

What boosts your self-esteem?

Recovery 101

Not there Yet… But I can Be….

What have you Broken free of?

Today I Matter

Saying No When We Need To Is Important

Helping Yourself Before Helping Others

What if I never get THAT apology?

What are you most afraid of?

HELP-How to Deal with Mood Swings?

Remembering Those no Longer with us… and Tough times during the Holidays

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Marijuana to treat back pain


What is your most prized possession?


My battle with drug addiction

Recent bad experience leads into beautiful destination

Negativity bias in relationships

Sharing a unique part of my story

Meet Carl….

Who am I?

"This is from me to you. This is the truth."

Struggling and venting

Simple ways to manage school stress

What is missing? Where has it gone? Creative Writing Prompt

Too Mean?

Starry Starry Night

September – Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

I Survived a Suicide Attempt

Creative Writing prompt-A letter to My Parents

Talking to Your 10-year-old Self

Lots on my mind recently

If I Can, You Can!

Who Am I?

Battling a cold, NOT depression

Midnight Thoughts

am just stuck

When fear turns into hope

…And I’ll Rise!

Woman’s Journey Supporting Her Husband with PTSD

Our own paths

Do you like or hate the rain?

Foster Care Awareness Month!

What keeps you grounded everyday?

Waking up with a grateful heart

What does the word "HOPE" mean to you?

"7 ways to be great"

What gets you up and out of bed everyday?

Short movie about Foster care

3 best qualities in yourself


When struggling


When dealing with trauma…

Comfort foods.

Why I "Love" Valentines day

Glad that’s over!

Coping with psychological abuse

Tough Holidays

Anxiety, Depression and the American Adolescent


Follow through

Self-Discovery Writing Prompt: (11-02-16)

Self-Discovery Writing Prompt: (10-26-2016)

Self-Discovery Writing Prompt: (10/21/2016)

The meaning behind my selfies

Write the Words You Really Need`to Hear Today

Overcoming Anxiety

Feeling empowered today! How about you?

Self-Discovery Writing Prompt: (09-02-16)

Self-Discovery Writing Prompt: (08-26-16)

Blogger Ally Tells Us Her Full Story On Recovery

The first time I have been "me" around family.

VAD’s Story: I was extremely shy…

The Weekly Funnies, Round 3

MW: "Always talk about your issues"

Coming to Terms with an Abusive Childhood

What It Is Like To Have A Mental Illness

Child Sexual Abuse: #MA Story


keeping your room clean

Quieting the noise in my head


I’ll Start Tomorrow

Sufie Shared his Story!

Medicalizing Normal: I am Valerie and I am not my illness!

Hard times during Holidays!

Violet opens up about being in the LGBTQIA+ Community

Hi I’m Elizabeth- Black & White Thinking

Share 5 Positive Things About You

As the Dust Settles


Hi my name is Chris H — Passion

What’s up? The SKY!