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I found this article about effective communication in a relationship. Although I do not have a baby, this article can be for anyone in a relationship, actually even a friendship or with family members. 

I always thought I was a great communicator. In fact, I knew I could do my job because I thought I was so great at it. But in reality, we all can do better and nobody is perfect at it. In relationships, you have to be able to actually listen to the other person. Sounds like an easy concept, but we actually have to work at it. I have been known to “listen” but quickly judge when someone is saying maybe because I get offended or think they are wrong. But even then, I should still listen. 

This article is great and I encourage everyone to read it regardless of what relationship you can relate it to.


  1. Luz.Feliz says:


    Thanks so much for sharing this post. Often times I can admit that I find myself hurrying to form a response or create a counter argument when I become defensive as someone is speaking about something that I don’t agree with. This method of communication, going from anger to empathy is something that I have found useful in the past but I tend to forget about sometimes. It is very important to remember the other person’s feelings when having a conversation, and to use things such as “I” statements so that I can tell them the things that I need instead of accusing them.

  2. egbumblebee says:

    LOVE this!! I can really relate to the author, too.
    I wish I saw it BEFORE my relationship with Willow’s dad went down the toilet!! LOL Just kidding 😛
    But I could really communicate better, especially with some of the girls I live with who I dont particularly like or get along with.

  3. torry22 says:

    Haha I hear you! I had wished I read this before a few of my relationships haha! Glad you both enjoyed reading this!

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