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Self-Discovery Writing Prompt: (10-26-2016)

Describe what would be enough for you.

Interpret that however you want. I really like this one.

2 Replies to “Self-Discovery Writing Prompt: (10-26-2016)”

  1. Valerie says:

    I used to think “nothing is ever enough” especially because I didn’t feel I was good enough for anything. When I think “enough,” I go in two different directions – Enough can be thought of hitting a limit negatively, or satisfied a limit perfectly. So when I think in the negative perspective, I think I’ve had “enough” when I feel completely used and abused and there’s no sign of positive left – whether that’s a relationship or friendship, so it needs to either change or be completely discontinued. I guess it is the tipping point where it can either go negatively or positively if something continues.
    Positive – you can have “enough to eat,” make a certain amount of money that’s enough to live, having the correct amount of fuel in a car to get to a place (enough gas in the car), having a certain amount of time to complete a task (enough time) or performing on a test and passing is “good enough.”

    I try to set the bar a little higher than the average so my “enough” is a little bit different. For example, if passing a test is 70% and good enough for graduation, I try to set the standard to a 90%, if I need to leave 30 minutes before to get to a place in enough time, I leave 50 minutes ahead. However, if it’s recommended to call a doctor when you’re feeling sick after the third day, I tend to wait til the 7th day (or not at all) and that can make it more difficult for me.

    Great writing prompt!

  2. Luz.Feliz says:

    In my opinion, when I state in my life that something is enough, it just sets a limit. In both negative and positive aspects of things, the same concept applies. When viewing things in the positive light, I will find that I am holding myself back if I think there’s never more that can be achieved. A day can never be absolutely perfect because there is ALWAYS room for improvement with ANYTHING I do no mater what it is. If I state that something is enough, I am hindering my opportunity for growth and maturity in whatever aspect of life it may be.

    Meanwhile, while looking at this in a negative aspect, when stating that I’ve had enough- or that something is enough- I am once again saying that I am incapable of proceeding further. When there is no room for movement, alternative options, or change, I am not even allowing positive things to come into my life anymore because I have chosen to become stuck in the mindset that I’ve had “enough”. When I picture enough, I picture a glass that is too full, a overstuffed suitcase that cannot allow anything else in because if not it will burst. If I allow my life to get to the point of being enough, neither negative or positive things will be allowed to enter anymore. I will just remain there, like an overstuffed suitcase.

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