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Comfort foods.

What are your favorite comfort foods?

Mine are:

-mac and cheese
-fruit salad

The other day I read an article about how comfort foods that are healthier.. dark chocolate, hummus, etc. I do love fruit salad!

6 Replies to “Comfort foods.”

  1. Luz.Feliz says:

    I must confess that my comfort foods aren’t really all that healthy. Mine are:

    -Chicken tenders
    -Fried oreos
    -Stuffing & Mac and cheese

  2. Allikat says:

    Chips & dip
    and basically anything with carbs lol

  3. VRuiz says:

    Everything I eat comforts me honestly! I’m such a foodie. I enjoy the entire experience of chowing down!

  4. torry22 says:

    I love the word… “Foodie”! haha! Yay, these are all great comfort foods!!

  5. katerina says:

    ice cream
    sour patch kids
    cocoa puffs
    uhh…nothing healthy

  6. Luz.Feliz says:


    I think from looking at everyone’s statement’s, we can pretty much conclude that comfort foods are pretty much all unhealthy for the most part. In my personal opinion, I don’t really find anything comforting about something that doesn’t remind me of a great childhood time, so therefore family gatherings, sleep overs, etc. Healthy foods were usually not included during these times.

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