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Woman’s Journey Supporting Her Husband with PTSD

Our newest story comes from a young woman who talks about her journey supporting her husband with PTSD. Learn what it is like to support people through recovery and how she has coped despite the many challenges. This is an important topic for Family Support Month. For many of us, family is the most important element throughout our recovery.

Read her story here:

Helping My Husband to Cope With PTSD

How does your family support you?

One Reply to “Woman’s Journey Supporting Her Husband with PTSD”

  1. Michael says:

    Kevin, I really enjoyed reading her story of supporting her husband with PTSD. We don’t hear enough about PTSD, so I was grateful to hear her story to bring awareness to it.

    What I really took away from it was the need for any caregiver/family member to make sure they have their own self care and support so the family can heal together.

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