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Waking up with a grateful heart

I find it so important in my life now a days to have a grateful heart. I don’t want to take things for granted, and in our World right now there is so much hate, violence and of course tomorrow is not guaranteed.. so now I feel like all I can do it be grateful.

When I watch the news or I am on social media it breaks my heart with all the sadness. I try each day to do something, even a small gesture for a stranger.

7 Replies to “Waking up with a grateful heart”

  1. Michael says:

    Yesss Torry!!

    I have been off of social media for months, but I have been trying to focus on taking care of myself as I progress towards my goals.

    Keep on shining!

    FYI – This is one of my favorite drag queen on “RuPauls Drag Race” Latrice Royale. I try to be like her whenever i’m feeling overwhelmed

  2. VRuiz says:

    AHH LATRICE ROYALE! Lmao, she is everything!

    Although I’ve known that I should always be grateful and appreciative of everything in my life, I have been practicing it more than I ever have. You’re so right Torry… with all that’s happening in this world, especially as of late, it’s really important to live in the moment and to do things for yourself. It’s important to understand that everyone is going through something and sometimes the smallest of gestures, can mean the world to them.

  3. Courtney says:

    Gratitude has gotten me through so many moments/days. Today I am grateful for my friends, music, laughter, sunshine, warm weather, food, shower, my own bed, my clean sheets, clean clothes, toothpaste and toothbrush. I am grateful for second and third and forth and fifth chances. I am grateful to not be dopesick and to be able to walk today. I should continue to make a gratitude list every single day, as was suggested to me. It really helps, even when I think my day is terrible, it can help me realize it isn’t all bad.

  4. RaiC says:

    I’m with you Courtney… practicing gratitude and showing appreciation for the things, people, and opportunities I have been so blessed to have really has changed my vibes and energy. Things have felt so much better. I’m grateful to have read this today. Keep pushing girl!

  5. torry22 says:

    Courtney, I love this! I love the list you wrote out. I am so grateful for everyday things that some may take for granted. (shower, toothbrush, water etc) Thanks for sharing and making me think about things I may not always remember to be grateful for.

  6. Luz.Feliz says:

    I agree with what several of you before me have posted, that it’s about realizing and being wholeheartedly grateful for the “simple” things in life such as running water, a toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, etc., because at the end of the day, there are many of those out there longing for just that. I have also come to learn that when I have been grateful in the little that I have already had, I have then been blessed with way more to be grateful for. 🙂

  7. Kevin A. says:

    Truth! Most times when I nothing to fall back on, its the little things that keeps me going that matters. Life has presented me with many ‘downs’ but I’ve also been treated to many ‘ups’. I’m def grateful that I am able to live another day.

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