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i love being bipolar!

what’s up fam??!!!! this is just a lil something i’ve been thinking about that i want to share.

it’s hard for me to accept being anything less than 100% because i’m a sag who prides themself on being a fun, manic energizer bunny. when i have other emotions that aren’t big and happy, i feel like i’m being a different person and that i am dissapointing others. i always say that i hate “chill rose” because i struggle with being a person of many facets because of my mental illness. i’ve been told so many times that i’m too intense, sensitive, that i have too many feelings, and that they are all too big and fickle. feeling things outside of happiness only makes u a whole person, not anything else!! u can’t always be happy or u would be a gameshow host!! having many facets/emotions is COOL it means ur a GEM!!!! having an array of feelings and having their capacity stretch beyond what u ever thought u could feel is a superpower!! feeling is COOL!!!!! being bipolar is COOL!!! i can feel more than the common person and that’s straight up scienceeeee!! i wouldn’t change being bipolar tbh even though i debate this in my head all the time. i’m a mf superhero ahhh!!!! (thank u kanye for encouraging us bipolar peeps to radiate our best selves). i feel alive! i love my whole entire self and how big and complex i can feel.


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  1. rnisotis says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPPyUO6m3-4 !

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