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Since this time of year makes you think a lot… about what you have, what you don’t, and what you wish you had lets talk about gratitude!
What are…
3 things your grateful for?
2 things you want to change?
1 thing you want to accomplish?
I’ll start!
I’m grateful for…
1. My daughter
2. Having a open mind and heart
3. Being loved and liked by my friends and family (even if I forget it sometimes)
I want to change…
1. My anxiety and have a positive state of mind and let things go that I cannot change
2. Living in a shelter
I want to accomplish…
1. Going back to school!

5 Replies to “Gratitude”

  1. torry22 says:

    Love this post and perfect timing to do this!

    3 things your grateful for?
    1. My support system
    2. Resilience
    3. Having options for holidays and not being alone or homeless.

    2 things you want to change?
    1. I want to change some of my relationships and make them healthy, if not, then not have them anymore.
    2. I want to change the feeling of being scared to take risks sometimes.

    1 thing you want to accomplish?
    1. I want to accomplish the project I have been working on with Foster care and get it infront of people to make it successful.

  2. egbumblebee says:

    Love your response Torry!

  3. Anonymous says:

    3 things I’m grateful for:
    1. I have supportive family and friends.
    2. I am healthy and in good shape.
    3. I have food and shelter.

    2 things I want to change
    1. my learning disability.
    2. my depression.

    1 thing I would like to accomplish.
    1. earn my bachelor’s degree.

  4. OliviaM27 says:

    I love this idea Eliza! Such a great way to reflect on your day (or week or month or year!)

    Three things I am grateful for:
    1. My handsome and wonderful kitty cat, Sunny
    2. My education (as much as I may complain about it, I am actually so grateful each and every day that I have the opportunity to continue my education)
    3. My sister. She has no idea how dull and bland my world would be without her

    Two things I want to change:
    1. The way the people in this world treat each other. We need more acceptance and more love.
    2. The distance that separates me from the people I love.

    One thing I want to accomplish:
    1. I want to be a teacher who changes the world.

  5. Luz.Feliz says:

    I love this! It’s a great way to reflect back on yourself now that the year is coming to close. Here are my answers

    Three things I’m grateful for:
    1. My job
    2. My family, friends, boyfriend
    3. My resilience

    Two things I want to change:
    1. Save more money!
    2. Always getting distracted when it comes to school.

    One thing I want to accomplish:
    1. Owning my own home.

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