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Recent bad experience leads into beautiful destination

A few years ago no matter what happened in my life.. I would act as if it was a crisis. It could be that I didn’t get a text back from someone, or it could be that I failed a test, or it could be a death in the family. No matter what it was and its severity, I would act like it was the worse thing in the world. For 3 years I have worked hard on changing this and my mind set. Instead of thinking the worse and letting it effect me, I start thinking right away what I can learn from this? Is it something I can change? What do I do next?

This past week I had a situation that could have done a lot of damage in my life. For so long I have worked on my self love and self care. I have realized that loving myself, my body, my mind, who I am.. is what is most important. There are people who do not care about hurting others, there is also people who will use you to get ahead in life. This can be family, friends, co workers.. really anyone. The situation I was in this past week was intentional by this person, and I think that is what hurts the most. But, I processed it, cried some, and then this past weekend I did self care and self love tactics that helped me realized I am what matters, not them.

I am blessed that I have wonderful family and friends, and also blessed that I have a guy in my life who knows that while I go through my own stuff and need space sometimes, he doesn’t question it and respects me. I am thankful I did not allow this situation to damage my heart or my mind.

3 Replies to “Recent bad experience leads into beautiful destination”

  1. OliviaM27 says:

    I am so happy for you that you are working on your own self-care. It is so special when you remember how important and unique you truly are. You are the only you on this earth- and that is something to be proud of.
    P.S. Please share some of those self care tactics for those of us who have yet to figure any out on our own!

  2. torry22 says:

    Thanks Olivia! Here are some things that I do for my self care:

    -Listen to music that soothes me every morning and every night.
    – Take baths when I feel stress or tension in my body.
    – I take short walks even if it’s not far I just like the fresh air.
    – I write. Sometimes it’s just words or sometimes it’s paragraphs.
    – I watch lifetime.. sounds cheesy but when I watch lifetime I get sucked in and during that time I am not thinking about anything that is hard or making any choices. I’m just sitting there watching lifetime.
    – Buy something that I don’t often by myself. I use to never buy myself anything, now I will buy clothes or get my nails done or something that is just for me.
    – I paint when I’m alone. I like to just paint because again I am not thinking about anything except that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m happy things are getting better for you torry! Thank you for sharing with us. stay strong and I wish you the best of luck while you travel through your journey of life.

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