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1:15am Rumination

What, who, where and why would I be without another human acknowledging my existence?
How can I validate this organic shell without another person’s approval?
When will I know?

One Reply to “1:15am Rumination”

  1. egbumblebee says:

    This stream of thinking is so relatable, and raw.
    I struggle with this so much.
    I think realizing that we don’t “need” approval is a process, that probably never really ends. I know for me, I started needing and wanting it less the more I “made friends” with myself.
    I have found that many years ago, the things I went through made me feel very different, and not good. Now, I feel as though I am resilient and stronger and more “round” because of it all, and that helps me to like myself more and not need other people’s approval so much.

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