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Do you like or hate the rain?

Some people find the rain annoying, others find it calming and fun. I use to hate the rain, but now I actually like the sound, the smell and the feeling of the rain.

What kind of person are you, a lover of rain or a hater?

11 Replies to “Do you like or hate the rain?”

  1. VRuiz says:

    I love the rain, no matter what. I like driving in it too oddly.. it gives me a certain kind of focus… especially when I’m listening to some of my fav songs. The rain is so calming and just gives me a relaxed spirit.

  2. livhanna says:

    I love the rain! As long as I am not outside. From inside rain is very calming and relaxing. However if I’m outside and soaking wet I am definitely a rain hater. Overall I could always go for a relaxing rainy day and get to stay in all day watching movies.

  3. Kevin A. says:

    I love the rain!

    Especially when I am not going to work or anywhere formal and I can just get soaking wet. I also listen to the sound of rain every night before I go to sleep. And of course, hearing the sound of rain outside puts me in the right mood.

  4. katerina says:

    So it’s raining, and for today I love it. I’m not sure if it matches my dark mood, or if it’s a healthy attraction to it. Maybe I just like the weather validating that it’s okay to be crummy some days. Without crummy days, I wouldn’t push myself forward nor really appreciate the opposite, brighter days.

  5. Luz.Feliz says:

    I tend to like the rain as long as I don’t have to be outside in it. I get really anxious having to drive when it’s stormy outside with heavy rain, but on the contrary find it soothing when I am inside and can hear the drops on an air conditioner or window. I guess it’s pretty understandable, I don’t like being wet either unless I’m swimming or showering and for some reason I just won’t get an umbrella!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have mixed feelings about the rain. I love the way it looks, smells, and sounds but I do not like to drive in it. I do not like to get wet by it either. It does soothe me.

  7. babycooz0012 says:

    I know a lot of animals around here absolutely love the rain

  8. faljak says:

    I like this topic because even though I tend to miss the sunshine when it’s gone, I love rain and stormy weather. A lot. I don’t know if anyone else has this viewpoint, but I view rainshowers and t-storms as an emotional and natural cleanse. So for this, I’m usually on my porch with a book or a sketchpad during the time they’re happening, theoretically “soaking” it all in. I feel it’s nature’s way of washing off itself and starting fresh!

    I also really love with Katerina said; how rainy days are just days that validate we’re also allowed to feel crummy. I’d never even considered that until now.

  9. Brandon Scott Card says:

    I hate the rain. I hate the sound to the point it makes me unable to sleep. It makes me so uneasy.

  10. joe says:

    Rain is THE MOST ANNOYING SOUND EVER it sounds like someone smacking a wall. Whenever I’m trying to sleep and it starts raining I know I’m gonna be awake for at least another hour.

  11. Samuel says:

    Rain is always against me. It brings a dark, depressing and gloomy mood and display, I hate getting wet, and the pattering of the rain drives me crazy when I sleep. I’m sorry, but I always wait for sunshine or clear skies, then I go out. Rain is depressing.

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