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Ambiguity is my foe
It goads and gloats the high and lows that I MAY not know
It shows prose to those who sold cold holds
Though eb and flow grow a mold with scolding folds,
I’m told I hold bold tolls from the sole rogue hole in my soul
I yearn to let ambiguity go

3 Replies to “Ambiguity”

  1. mega says:

    Wow, awesome. Do you ever make your poems into songs or raps? I would love to hear this performed.

  2. Someoneoddlyfamiliar says:

    I very much appreciate your feedback. I do write, record and produce my music. I love to rap but I have yet to record any of those pieces. I sing, folk, soul, and alternative works at open mics around the state most frequently.

  3. torry22 says:

    This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing.

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