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Current Favorite Shows on Netflix?

What is Your Favorite Holiday?

Favorite Youtube Channels

Best Places to Eat

Best things to do on Winter Break?

Favorite Thanksgiving Dish?!

First Snow Fall

Fun Fact Friday

Best Young Adult Books of 2018

If I were in the Olympics…

If you could be a cartoon character…

Highlights from the First half of Summer

What song…

Childhood TV Shows

Your Favorite Shows on Netflix

All new This or That!

My Favorite Things in Life

What is your favorite Spring/Summertime Activity?

Best Compliment Ever Received

Fight Song

Scars to Your Beautiful

What is your fear?

What is your favorite song?

Spring is coming!!!

Who is Your Hero???

The Superbowl

What is your favorite animal and why???

Most watched movie

What is your favorite Snow day memory?

The best thing that happened in 2017 was…

Self love

Enjoy the little things!

Healthy Study Habits

The best thing I did this Summer was…

3 Wishes!

Best place/town for fire works?

Favorite Summer time recipes

My top Fave Movies!

This or That?

Going back to school

What is your favorite comfort food?

Does This Mean We Have Come to a Dead End?

Superpowers! :)

You all knew this was coming…

What’s the best way you relax?

I didn’t like that ending!

Sometimes it’s the Little Things

Combining Technology and Mental Health

50 Things to do When your Bored

What are your Favorite Quotes?

15 Things that Make you Smile

The Internet is the best, It’s UNDEFEATED


The Greatest

Netflix is my friend!

Constance Arnold

17 College Majors That Report Higher Underemployment

Fall Is Coming…

A Toy Story

Whose line is it anyway?

What is the most meaningful song lyric to you?

Book: Diary of an Oxygen Theif

Andre Loren’s List: Best Quotes about depression!

DJ AM Documentary was amazing


My latest book I have been reading…


Hyperbole and a Half– Love!


How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

The Magical Pill

Concussion- Movie


Best Holiday movie?

TED Talks

Ease on down, Ease on down!

Albums from the Heart

BEST Advocacy Video Ever…

Best Song You Replay On Youtube..

Novels that help


Code Black

Thank You for Sharing


Orange Is The New Black… Mental Health

Best article- 5 Secrets of Mentally Strong People