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Best article- 5 Secrets of Mentally Strong People

With everything I go through, I’m learning to be mentally strong. I’m also learning that just because someone is mentally strong, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask for help. People have emotions, struggle, and we get through it. As I learn more about myself, the more I learn about what mentally strong really means to me.

This article says it best.


2 Replies to “Best article- 5 Secrets of Mentally Strong People”

  1. preeti says:

    We all go through happy and sad moment in our life. Sometime situations our against us which make us feel really low but same time in this kind a situation We get chance to know about ourselves, How strong we are, how we are dealing with situation, How we will come over with it or we choose to give up.

    We all should take our bad time or bad situation as a lesson to make our self strong.

  2. chloe says:

    I think that this article is so important for people to understand. Mentally strong does not mean completely on your own, completely happy, or completely anything. It is really important for people to realize this, as it will help them get to be mentally strong. Reach out for help if you need it – it does not make you weak.

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