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Sometimes it’s the Little Things

What are some of the little things in life that bring you an extreme amount of joy? For me those things include:

-unbelievably small and cute animals
-anything that is supposed to be big but is now mini for some reason
-cute babies
-my favorite foods
-Shemar Moore
-Crime movies
-people that sing so well I get goosebumps

2 Replies to “Sometimes it’s the Little Things”

  1. Allikat says:

    Some little things that bring me joy in my life are :

    -my cats
    -chips and dip!!!
    -a sunrise & sunset
    -mac & cheese
    -a soft blanket
    -a bubble bath

  2. katerina says:

    Little things bring big joy to me:

    When a stranger remembers my name
    When the air smells like fresh cut grass
    When a tiny favor makes a big difference
    When a friend says “I love you.”
    When a song plays at an unexpected, but perfect time
    When a public event has food I actually love

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