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Code Black

Has Anyone Seen Code Black Yet?

5 Replies to “Code Black”

  1. Sara says:

    I have! It is a wild show! I can’t even imagine working at that hospital. What do you think of the it?

  2. Yazzie says:

    I Actually Wanted to Be A Nurse, & Help Out To Save Peoples Lives, Working In A Hospital Isn’t For Everyone But For Some It’s There Dream Like Me 🙂 Who’s Your Favorite Character ?

  3. Sam B. says:

    I like the senior nurse! He keeps it light in the crazy and overwhelming environment they work in. Who’s your favorite?

  4. Yazzie says:

    My Favorite Is The Chubby Guy I Forget His Name, But I Like Him Because He Is So Serious & Love His Job No Matter How Crazy Things Get He Can Slow Things Down & Focus On One Thing While the Hospital Is In Chaos Mode! Are You Guys Watching Tonight’s Episode ? I Seen it’s Going to Be intense!

  5. RaiC says:

    I have to check Code Black out! Sounds good.

    Almost all of the shows that are hospital based have been a hit for me. (Grey’s Anatomy, General Hospital). Thanks for bringing it all up.

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