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Combining Technology and Mental Health

I wasn’t too sure which category to put this information about, so I chose Best & Worst because research is my passion and this study is one of the best ideas ever (okay, maybe that was a little biased)!

This morning, a woman who coordinates the radio show for my company told me about this amazing man named Adam Gazzaley who works for UCSF.
This man has created a new way to help people with PTSD, ADHD, and other disorders by rewiring their brain through technology.
You can listen to their interview here:

Let me explain:

They use a virtual reality video game device to help with memory tasks as well as connect it to a cap worn on the participant’s head to transmit the mapping signals in someone’s brain (if you’ve ever had an EEG, it is just like that). This means, it can teach the game where the brain needs the most help in rewiring and the game adjusts to the participant’s needs.

The best part about this study is that it is an alternative to medication, can reduce the use of pain medication for those with back pain, and so much more!

My Fiance has experienced significant trauma in his early childhood, which has impaired his memory and brain functioning tremendously (focus is the main struggle). He just registered for the study in hope it will help him and contribute to their research.

We hope this opportunity will help other young adults as well – so check it out! This will most likely be the new “prescription” for many people in our generation needing alternative ways to handle their mental health.


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  1. Luz.Feliz says:


    This sounds like an amazing new development that both medical and scientific professionals have come up with and I agree with you on the fact that it can help many people. It seems to be a very good alternative to medication and I hope that the outcomes for your fiancé are as miraculous as you wish them to be. I truly believe this is a step in the right direction and I am so happy there are others who think there should be less intrusive methods of help out there, ones that don’t leave people with negative long term effects.

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