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Concussion- Movie

Listen, I def consider myself a football fan, especially since my significant other has played his entire life and a bunch of my friends play, but I have always had my reservations about it, just because of the intensity, aggression and the probability of getting hurt. It’s really dangerous and everytime any one goes out on the field, I’m praying that they make it off. It takes a huge toll on your body and what not. I’ve seen young guys in perfect shape age like old men in a matter of 3-5 years… but I guess the love of the sport and the income that comes with it makes it all worth it. Guess you just have to know when to get out and when enough is enough. Anyways, when I was watching another movie at the theater, the movie trailer for Concussion played and I was in shock. I know that I really wanted to see it .. 1. because Will Smith played the starring role 2. I literally talk about football and its effects all the time 3. so many people close to me play and I felt like I needed to know what was up.

So when it was officially set to play in theaters, I went to see it with my boyfriend and well ugh, let’s just say… it reaffirmed everything that I thought and put a lot of things into perspective. I just asked myself the entire time, “Is it all really worth it???” Dr. Omalu (Smith’s character) unmasked something so dangerous and of course, like every powerful organization afraid to lose money and support, they tried to fight him and his findings, allowing the disease to take the lives. These legendary football players experienced so many different symptoms both mentally and physically! Their brains were deteriorating from all of the collisions and hits on the field and from the lack of proper equipment back then…. and NO ONE was doing anything about it except fighting against the one person who was trying to help. These football players were experiencing extreme issues with their mental health that was not atypical to what people knew of them and everything kept getting swept under the rug until lives were lost. So many lessons learned in this movie and I really recommend that you all go see it!

Will Smith- Concussion

One Reply to “Concussion- Movie”

  1. Kevin A. says:

    Thanks for sharing Rai… I’ve been planning on seeing this movie for a while, plans keep sipping through… but yeah, I think more people are becoming aware of dangers of concussions – eventually some actions will be taken; at least to make the sport safer…

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