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Whose line is it anyway?

Have you ever been doing something boring such as laundry or homework and stood back and started laughing hysterically for what seems to be the most random of reasons? I must admit that I tend to do this a lot and the most common theme that gets me to that point of hysteria is remembering things that have been said in previous conversations. Whether it’s those instances where my coworker was clucking like a chicken around the office while playing a game of truth or dare, or a friend telling me a story about how her elderly grandmother calls her walker “hey kitty kitty”, those types of memories and good quotes always cause me to start chuckling at the most unexpected times.

What are some of your favorite memories? Do they tend to pop into your head during the weirdest times as well?

One Reply to “Whose line is it anyway?”

  1. victoriad says:

    This definitely happens to me at times as well. I love when I randomly get hit with my favorite memories but they also give me a sense of nostalgia and wishing I could go back to those times. One of my favorite memories was senior week in college living back in the dorms on campus again, staying up late and dancing all night long in a dorm we call “Club Larson”. Most of my favorite memories are all college memories because of the random spontaneous things my friends and I would do. Another of my favorite memories is when I was little and all the neighborhood kids would come over every day to play outside. We would play wiffle ball, running bases or just make up silly games we could play on the trampoline. Random thoughts of memories make me smile often and while they give me a sense of nostalgia, it’s nice to look back at all the great times I’ve had with great friends and family.

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