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Ease on down, Ease on down!

If you did not catch The Wiz live, event production last Thursday you def missed out but thanks to NBC, it’ll be back Dec 19!

It was literally amazing! I didn’t think they’d be able to even impress me after seeing the original with Diana Ross! The new cast did such a great job and pulled in more than 11 million viewers! It was great to see the all star cast and Cirque du Soleil Theatrics. It was even better to see an all African-American cast shutting down live tv for all the right reasons.

The Wiz has always been one of my favorites just because of the empowerment I get from it. No matter the situation, it’s all about the power within ourselves to make things happen. We may not think we have it in us, but we most certainly can rise to the occasion & defeat whatever it is that’s stopping us from fulfilling our dreams, our goals, or any tasks for that matter. This is a must watch!

The Wiz Live!


2 Replies to “Ease on down, Ease on down!”

  1. Michael says:

    Thanks for sharing Rai! I will be sure to catch this when it is on!
    Fun True Fact… My mother played the wicked witch of the west in her high school play!

  2. VRuiz says:

    WHAT!! I heard that they were doing a remake but I totally missed it! Thanks so much for sharing this, i will def be tuning into the next air on NBC and I am sure I’ll have a looooot to say.
    Michael, that’s so cool! I feel like at one point or another, we all, or someone knows someone, who starred in an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz or The Wiz play at one point or another. My younger sister played Dorothy in the Wiz in her middle school play. I wish I was able to be a part of something like that, its so awesome.

    I never in a million years thought they’d be able to even compete with the original, but this cast is actually pretty impressive and exciting. Ne-yo for the Tin Man was genius… only because it’s so unexpected but that man has talent. I wonder if Chris Brown was interested in the role lmao .. How funny would that have been.. ugh, im so excited to catch this. For now, I’ll check out the link. Thanks!

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