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I know there is a lot going on right now in the state. For those of you who don’t know (and by no means am I an expert) we are in a huge financial crisis. I know this is not a typical topic for me to cover, but it has been on my mind lately.

I have to be honest: I am disappointed in the way the state is headed., and even mad at times. But I can’t blame anyone any longer. I think it’s really easy to point fingers at people at the,yet I am feeling tired of this cycle.

It is times like these that I ask for accountability from those in power, and community and hope from my community of peers, young adults and anyone who has ever felt like an underdog. Right now, we are facing massive budget cuts to social services, and the future is uncertain as election day approaches.

I don’t want to minimize the effect of the budget crisis – there are many wonderful programs and supports that have affected the lives of people in need, and the jobs of professionals who tirelessly serve others.

Right now, this is just a reminder to myself to keep going and remind people that mental health affects 4/4 of people, not just the 1/4 of people.

For those of you who are interested in learning about the current budget, here are some links below.

Malloy: There’s a budget deficit, but it’s really, really small


Nonpartisan analysts: CT budget is $78M in deficit

One Reply to “Budget”

  1. Luz.Feliz says:

    Hey Michael, I just recently came across this post, but it reminded me of a video I shared on my personal Facebook page that discusses our nation’s economy as a whole. Although I can’t seem to find a way to re-post the video to here (or find it on youtube for that matter), the video entails how President Trump is basically abusing his power as president to drain our nation’s funds by having excessive amounts of secret service detailed on his family and himself. It went on to explain things like how his wife and child live in New York and NOT at the White House, how his grown children and their families went on vacation a little while ago and that in itself required about 100 secret service agents alone, how Trump himself travels every other week or so to one of his Trump towers locations. It explained that things like this were making our government have to shift their focus away from other vital things like funding for missing and exploited children and such. The thing that sucks the most about this entire situation is that apparently a request for a bigger budget was made and flat out denied meaning serious things like the sake of these poor kids are at stake, yet the need to protect the President of the United States no matter how absurd and greedy they may be are a requisite by law.

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