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Favorite Youtube Channels

Youtube, like many other medias can be really helpful in lots of different ways, including your mental health. What’s everyone’s favorite Youtube Channels??

(RIP Pewds, T-Bad stinks)

7 Replies to “Favorite Youtube Channels”

  1. Luz.Feliz says:

    The only YouTube channels I really watch are Domo Wilson, and the people who eat a crazy amount of food in a wickedly fast amount of time but those are on my boyfriends subscriptions so I don’t even remember the name right now lol. This is a really cool question to ask though! I also just enjoy watching pregnancy reveal reactions and gender reveal videos as well as surprise videos of military homecomings but that’s not on a specific channel. 🙂

  2. Nahjeeramiller says:

    This is a really cool question. I usually watch Sam and Colby and David Dobrik. I love seeing people explore places whether they are cool and beautiful or old and creepy. I also love watching people do mukbangs and gender reveals. To me they are cool and sweet.

  3. labate says:

    oooo intriguing, I really like Cody Ko and Noel Miller, I can always count on a good laugh with them, does wonders for my mental health

  4. SkyJordan43 says:

    some of my favoriteyoutube channels are watchmojo and SNL’s youtube channel

  5. Luz.Feliz says:

    Since I posted my answer so long ago, I’d like to update my post by adding Good mythical morning to my list of favorite YouTube channels. They do a lot of games and funny things on there which I thoroughly enjoy.

  6. SkyJordan43 says:

    i would like to say i have enjoyed the comedy bites channel and clique productions who does NBA career simulations.

  7. GreyHoodieLux says:

    Some of my favorite Youtube Channels are :

    The Pat Mcafee Show: Its a youtube channel that breaks down all sports stuff. As well as viral videos on youtube. Its not like every other sports news/media like ESPN FOX where they are required to talk about certain things. Its the exact opposite. Its a channel him and his close friends started. They are refereed to as “The boys”. They go ab out things their own way, its so entertaining and a breath of fresh air when it comes to sports news. Pat Mcafee is a former punter who played for the Indianapolis Colts. He’s also a comedian selling out comedy specials. He does a lot of stuff. Very entertaining. They struck a deal with Fan Duel, and made their own blue print. Now close to 1 million subscribers. Hilarious channel.

    MATHHOFFATV- Math Hoffa is a battle rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Has been in the battle rap scene for almost 20 years. He started a youtube channel/Podcast called “My expert Opinion”> He has a core group of people on the podcast and they talk about Battle Rap and Hip Hop. They have guest battle rappers and hip hop artists on each episode. Amazing Youtube channel

    URL or Ultimate Rap League. The worlds largest Battle Rap League. They have feature all the top tier battle rappers as well as up coming ones. They have events year round from Summer Madness to NOME (Night of Main events) are the most notable. They usually have these events in New York, but have been doing events in Houston Texas, Atlants North Carolina, and even had an event in the UK. But yeah Battle rap is on this channel.

    RBE or Rare Breed Entertainment: Youtube channel for the 2nd largest Battle Rap League in the world. They also throw many classic events and have top tier battle rappers. One of my favorites as well.

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