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Favorite Summer time recipes

I have so many great foods that I crave during summer.. like frozen yogurt, ice- cream or of course the classic Smore!

I also love fruit salad that I usually make during the 4th of July, and a great pasta salad that is a hit everytime!

What are some yummy Summertime foods or recipes that you like?

2 Replies to “Favorite Summer time recipes”

  1. Luz.Feliz says:

    There are these things that Hispanics make that are called “limbers” (I think that’s how they’re spelled LOL) which is a frozen dessert type thing that I haven’t had in years and I have been dying to have. They are made in cups using the same kind of syrup that is used for sno-cones and then frozen. They come in different flavors like peanut butter, milk, cherry, strawberry, mango, grape, coconut, etc. Some of my favorites are the milk and strawberry kind but I am not too picky and will take anyone that is just red no matter the actual flavor haha.

    I also had my first sno-cone like last year and I soooo need more in my life 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    You know that I love any topic where I can give a shoutout to Martha Stewart!

    The fruit and pasta salad sounds great, and so do the Limbers! I have to agree on the ice cream as well – I have a kitchenaid attachment as my ice cream maker that I have used many times – ice cream is always good, but when it is homemade, it is a whole new level. My favorite flavor is Mint chocolate chip and also white chocolate (white chocolate can be hard to find, so I end up making it at home often.)

    Another hit is watermelon salad – great when you need to make something that is totally oven or stove free. Literally just chopped watermelon, feta, chopped mint, and blueberries (I buy a whole watermelon on sale, much cheaper in the end over the already chopped kind BTW, as well as our own mint plant.) For a dressing, take a cup of olive oil, a little salt and pepper, and squeeze the juice of about 3 limes, whisk that together and serve over it – trust me, it so good you will add me to your next holiday shopping list haha!

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