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50 Things to do When your Bored

1) Read
2) Go for a walk
3) Ride a bicycle
4) Write in a journal
5) Watch a movie
6) Cook
7) Clean
8) Play with a pet
9) Color
10) Play catch
11) Make a phone call
12) Go for a drive
13) Draw
14) Do homework
15) Take pictures
16) Listen to music
17) Sing
18) Dance
19) Play video games
20) Talk
21) Text
22) Take a shower
23) Shave
24) Make up a song
25) Make a list
26) Brush your teeth
27) Practice your make up skills
28) Play with play dough
29) Meditate
30) Do yoga
31) Do breathing exercises
32) Go shopping
33) Look up useless yet interesting facts
34) Go on social media
35) Take a nap
36) Paint
37) Look up jobs you would never want to do
38) Make a website
39) Play a board game
40) Play a sport
41) Play an instrument
42) Go swimming
43) Look up a place and go volunteer
44) Give someone a compliment
45) Go rollerblading
46) Make a collage
47) Attend a support group
48) Look for things you’d like to own someday
49) Make up a list of goals
50) Give gratitude for all that you have in the world

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