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Every now and then I’ll see someone on my Facebook/Instagram newsfeed post photos for a challenge they are trying out. Whether it’s a 365 day photo challenge, or a 30 day workout challenge, I tend to check in to see how they are doing. Many times a person gives up after the first 10 days, so here’s a question for you…

Was there a “challenge” that you’ve tried and actually finished? There’s a challenge I came across Pinterest which involves 21 days of taking control of your nerves. (Great for people with anxiety).

Anxiety Challenge

I want to try it out, but I have commitment issues and I don’t want to disappoint myself if I don’t complete the challenge. I guess I start it…tomorrow!

For those who have been successful with challenges, what has helped you complete them?

3 Replies to “Challenges”

  1. Michael says:

    Hey Val! That’s interesting you mention that you have commitment issues. I feel i do as well. What I am working on is learning to say “no” upfront, to force myself into examining my priorities. I find myself being very reactive and not proactive sometimes. I am learning that people will often respect a quality “no” in the long run over a frazzled “yes” that never turns out well. It is a challenge, but I no in the long run it gives me peace.

  2. Terri6902 says:

    I’ve challenged myself to loosing weight many times. Last time I tried Herbal Life, to only have shakes, protein bars and juices each day but after a few months I stopped. It was too expensive and I didn’t have time to workout so I regained a lot of weight.

  3. Sam B. says:

    losing weight can be hard but for me remembering not to judge myself for the number on the scale and how long it might take me to get to a healthy weight, the healthy way. I think for me it is more about a lifestyle change, than a diet. Choosing to be healthy is a full time job!

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