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Healthy Study Habits

I find that some people do not like studying in groups. With this I can relate. But there are some people who can only focus on what they need to study when they are surrounded by people.

Personally, I like studying alone but if it is the day before the test, I also like sitting with a few people where we test each other. Groups can be very distracting for me, as I am easily distracted so I usually find studying alone and early in the morning to be when I am most productive. I also like taking notes so before exams I can read what I wrote instead of revising an entire text book. And, I also like watching videos to reinforce each topic that I study.

But, Is there any particular way that you study that you have found to be extremely helpful? How about when you actually study or who you study with?

3 Replies to “Healthy Study Habits”

  1. Luz.Feliz says:


    With school having recently started, I feel this is a great topic of discussion that many young people on here can benefit from if they are attending school. It is very true that everyone has a unique study pattern and preference, just like some people are totally cool with listening to music while doing homework while others need complete silence. In my experience, what has been the most beneficial to me has been the use of index cards. By using index cards in order to study, I can pose a question or ask for the significance of a word that I have learned throughout my chapters and then flip to the other side to find the answer. It creates a sort of memory game for me that allows me to remember things faster when I have to cram a lot of information for an exam. I am also one of the people that prefers to study alone, as any noise can distract me and draw my attention away from what I am trying to focus on. In addition, this semester I have benefited the most from being able to remember more material when I have real-world examples to connect with each definition. For example, if I am studying octagons in geometry, for instance, I can recall that stop signs are that shape.

  2. Allikat says:

    OMG I despise study groups and I really hate group projects! I’d rather get credit for my work only and not have my grade be affected because of someone else. nope! I don’t study well with other people because I have my own way of studying and I get way too distracted lol. I also need complete quiet when I’m studying. NO MUSIC OR TV!!! Sometimes when I’m really not understanding something and I hear my family talking on a floor below me.. I FREAK OUT! I close my door or I leave because I’m usually pretty cranky when I’m not understanding the material or studying.

  3. Kevin A. says:

    Luz I can def relate with matching concepts with real life situations. That makes remebering things easier.

    Ally, I get frustrated too when I am on the same math problem for minutes and its still not making any sense. 🙁

    But good luck with your studies guys!

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